“Mr. Honesty, how are you different than truth?”  asked Finch.

“In many ways we are alike.  However honesty mixes more of one’s feeling into the equation,” said Honesty.

“Not sure what you mean by feeling?”

“Truth is closely related to fact while I am more aligned with feeling.  For example, if you asked me what I thought of your tie, I would tell you the truth as I feel.”

“How is that different from Truth?

“Objection.  He’s asking how another thinks,” hammered Howe.

“I’ll rephrase Your Honor,” offered Finch.  Lynch smiled at having solved the issue without having to speak.

“Conceptually, can you explain how your response is different than Truth?” asked the prosecutor.

“Using your tie as an example, Truth has the option of withholding details whereas I, Honesty, must respond honestly as I feel.  Let’s say everyone loves your tie but I knew a person who did me wrong who wore a tie just like that.  I have an honest feeling of dislike for the tie based on irrelevant past experience.  My honest statement is not based on fact but feeling.  In a sense I am the unvarnished truth — the less rational more emotional.”

“Can you withhold your honesty?”

“Yes, but that also depends on the personality.  Honesty tends to be less concerned with another’s feeling and more concerned with their own  thinking.”

In your vast experience being Honest, do you find politicians honest?”

“Hah, far from it.  In order to be a successful politician honesty does not gain votes.”

“Can you be partially honest?”

“No, unlike truth honesty is all or none.”

“What happens to a person who has to hold back his or her honesty over a prolonged period of time?”

“In my experience, the person loses the value of things.”

“What do you mean by things?'”

“Because the individual must refrain from being honest they do not attach a value to the topic on hand unless the other person shows a value.”

“Are you saying that the absence of honesty is dishonesty?”

“Yes, if you hold back what you think and feel you are being dishonest.”

“Thank you, Mr. Honesty,” said Finch as he looked to Judge Lynch.

Howe had questions.  He could not see where Finch was heading with this line of questioning.  He considered asking no questions but the knowledge that sat before him proved too much to not question.

“Mr. Honesty, may I inquire why you wanted this trial to end before October?”

“Two reasons.  One, Myself, Truth, Morals, Decency, Honor and others are never used during political campaigns.  Secondly, Lies, Irony, Corruption, Theft, Bigotry, Stupidity and others are available as they work daily with the politicians,” said Honesty.

Never ask a question you don’t know the answer to, thought Howe.  Maybe they didn’t hear but then he saw Finch with his head on the desk almost sobbing from laughter.  Regroup, regroup he thought.

“Well that was an honest feeling,” said Howe.

“No those are facts,” said Honesty.

“Your Honor, I move to have that last utterance removed from the transcript as I did not inquire,” said Howe.

“So ordered.  The witness will only respond to a question asked by counsel,” said Judge Lynch.

“Sorry Your Honor but I was just correcting a misstatement by Mr. Howe.  I thought the purpose of a trial is to bring out the truth,” said Honesty.

“That is the purpose but you must do it in response to a question from counsel,” said Judge Lynch.

“But I did not see Mr. Howe being in the frame of mind as to seek the truth and I believed he would not correct his statement,” said Honesty.

Judge Lynch saw the look of shame on Howe’s face and saw Mr. Finch crying at his desk and thought it a good time to adjourn for the day.

“We will adjourn until nine tomorrow morning,” said Lynch.

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