Mr. Howe stood and asked, “Mr. Honesty, if honesty does not garner votes, and I assume support, how is it that Mr. Trump in his arrogance and self aggrandizement, has so much support?”

“Objection to the characterization of Mr. Trump,” said Finch.

“Mr. Howe, you have been a trial attorney for years and you go make a bone head comment like that.  What is your reasoning?  Sustained.  Ask the question without your opinion,” said Judge Lynch.

“I beg the court’s pardon, I was not trying to impugn Mr. Trump, I was only trying to give a good example of blunt in your face honesty,”  said Howe.

“I believe the press uses similar descriptions for their reasons,” said Lynch.

“Mr. Honesty, what is your expert opinion on Mr. Trump’s success before voters?”

“Mr. Trump has everything working for him.  He is in your face, without teleprompter honest.  In his honesty he reveals many flaws and flaws are an honest part of being human.  His honesty is unique because he is surrounded by people who lie.  Even though they speak nicely the contrast between honesty and deceit becomes dramatized.” said the witness.

“Are you suggesting that my clients, distinguished members of Congress and International business leaders are not honest?” asked the defense attorney expecting a very specific response.  Finch closed his eyes and got ready to object when Honesty replied.

“Honesty is not a suggestion it is a real concept.  A concept formed in the minds of people.  The rating of people’s approval of Congress shows that the American public thinks they are not honest.”

Howe wanted to object but he had asked the question.  He thought he might say non responsive but that response was honest. “More to the point then, if my clients plead the Fifth does that make them dishonest?”

“By not telling what they know, regardless the reason, that behavior fits the definition of dishonesty.”

“Surely you are not saying my clients should be denied their rights under the constitution to exercise their Fifth amendment rights?”  Howe asked hoping to show are very right leaning personality.

“The Fifth amendment needs a different terminology than exercised rights.  I understand that it means that they have the right to remain quiet in order to not be incriminated or show responsibility for their acts.”

“Your Honor I ask that the last response be stricken as argumentative and not responsive,” said Howe.

“Your Honor the response from Honesty was just as he described.  He said an Honest response tends to be confrontational,” argued Finch.

“Darn, I honestly agree with both of you.  This Honesty is contagious,  I will over rule, Was there more to your response Mr. Honesty?” asked Judge Lynch.

“Yes, I thought I might add that possibly instead of the Fifth amendment the people involved might exercise the Seventh Commandment,” said Honesty.

“Same objection Your Honor,” said Howe.

“Sustained.  The entire statement will be stricken from the record,” said Lynch.  The mere mention of religion seemed a warning shot to all legal proceedings.  Howe got the religious component mentioned in court but stricken if appealed.  He said, “No further questions of this witness.”

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