I live in a foreign country outside the U.S.  I don’t have a cell phone.  i have a television but I have never plugged it in.  I don’t have a car so I don’t worry about gas, theft or car insurance.

I do keep connected through the internet.  I removed myself from FaceBook.  I breeze through my Huffington Post news line through my AOL browser daily.  I watch programs without commercials on NetFlix.  I have no bills and have a variety of things to do.  Oh yeah, I have no money, no passive income save my social security.

I live in the inner city of Cuenca, Ecuador.  I eat healthy food, actually organic produce at a cheap cost.

Recently a group of local fellow Americans were discussing the absence of stress.  They attributed this feeling to the absence of a 24 hour a day news pounding from the television and radio.  I have some of their feelings.  I do go through the newsfeed and skip all the divorces, affairs, cat photos and bizarre news unless it captures my attention.

The way the news captures my attention is through the headlines.  I now can tell when the headline is false.  I saw a headline citing a politician bad mouthing another politician.  I watched the video and the politician didn’t even mention a name let alone bad mouth anybody. It simply proved a spin to get you to read the headline and associate the negative comment to the politician that HP does not support.

I began to notice that the headlines were misleading — big time. The news person also showed displeasure in certain people and I noticed that they favored or disliked people and reported with that slant.  No big deal,  I am not sure if the talking heads can be called reporters, entertainers or newscasters because they make snarky comments when they report the news.  Their comments show displeasure or agreement depending on whose agenda they agree with.  The bottom line is there is no news just a one sided opinion disguised as news.

After hearing my friends talk about not listening to the news and having their stress reduced,, I thought I would leave the Huffington Post news twist and get rid of all stress.  The insanity in the U.S., and it is insanity, is best viewed from outside, from a different culture, from a different perspective.  So I thought I’d look at another news feed from a known real news program.

I went to the Drudge Report which gives news and has every major pundit on the site.  Every opinion separate from the actual news.  What a unique concept.  (sarcasm inserted here)

I got stressed.  Not with the news.  Rather with the realization that what I had been viewing on Huffington Post could only be considered propaganda.  For example, the articles in the Drudge Report on Hillary Clinton gave detailed information.  I flipped back to HP and read Hillary’s view, but never saw the raw information.  Hmmmm.

This scenario played over and over as I compared the propaganda with the news.  I will never read a Huffington Post article except to use as an example of propaganda.  The Drudge report had detailed, bland headlines.  But the article supported the headline.

This cross comparison made me understand why my friends seem to have limited understanding of world events.

I will challenge the stress that the news gives me but I will do it with REAL news.  I will make up my own mind.  Because of where I live I can view the happenings in a less stressful manner because I now know the facts.

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