“Mr Decency, What is your conceptual display?” asked Finch.

“I reflect and hold to the values of social propriety, modesty and display,”

“I am not sure the jury understands.  Could you add to that definition?”

“Sure,  I take a picture of all the people and the clothes they wear and I discover and them formulate a model of dress that the populous feels appropriate.”

“I see.  Are you saying that some people living in some areas dress in a manner that is not decent?”

“Yes, that happens.”

“Is decency dependent upon location?”

“To some extent.  Take for example Hollywood California.  They can dress very indecently.”

“In your research, is there a reason that indecency centers in a certain area?”

“Our factor analysis clearly points to the financial profit that is gained for clothing designers, personal exposure as in performers or actors and people who would like to be the center of attention.”

“Can indecency be more than clothing?”

“Yes, language, music, human interaction are the most common.”

“Can you give and example of each?

“I can combine them all in one example.  The word nigger is considered not decent to be expressed in any form.  Despite this decency standard, black music artists and comedians use the word regularly because the shock value increases their revenue.”

“I see. But how does this show indecent human behavior?”

“The indecent human behavior is the end result.  The President regularly entertains and shows himself with these performers giving them credibility and again increasing their revenue.”

“Are you saying that people who do these things are not decent?”

“Oh my yes.  That is the very definition of indecency.”

“In your studied opinion how do they get away with this indecent behavior?”

“They disguise it as free expression and art forms.”

“But isn’t that an accurate description?”

“It is accurate but the purpose is not decent.”

“The free expression by a black rap artist does not have a decent agenda?”

“Precisely.  The end game is money.  But the result is a double standard, hatred, decisiveness and ultimately civil unrest.”

“I am confused.  Are you saying that using indecent words as a free art form is indecent?”

“In these times,yes.  You see a black artist or person can say nigger but a white person cannot because it is considered a racial slur.  But to a black performer it is revenue.”

“Isn’t civil unrest good when a group of people are being treated unfairly?”


“Are you saying the current civil disturbances are not justified as decent claims for justice?”

“How can you claim indecent behavior when your culture thrives on the very indecent behaviors you are claiming to be fighting against?”

“Mr. Decency, Mr. Finch asks the questions, ” interrupted Judge Lynch preventing the standing Mr. Howe from objecting.

“What do you mean that a culture, I assume you mean black culture,is creating a double standard by their behavior?”

“If you want everyone to be equal, you don’t designate days and months promoting your differences.  All one needs to do is look at, not even study, just look at the black on black crime statistics.  Look at the poverty that  starts with an absent deadbeat father.  Then start a campaign saying that black lives matter.  Apparently not to other black citizens.  This is a revenue construction by and for certain people.”

“Who benefits financially from these activities?”

“Certainly not the black business owners who lost their life efforts.  But there are leaches, people whose only function is to promote disparity in order that they can gain power and money.  They leave the people angrier and with no restitution for the harm they tacitly encouraged.”

“But if a white policeman shoots an unarmed  civilian, isn’t this anger justified?”

“Yes the anger is justified so long as shooting a policeman in the back of the head does not occur.  We are a nation of laws.  We can end the career of people who commit these injustices.  At the same time we must end the careers of people who want and need this discord to get elected. re-elected, have power and make money.”

“So what is your solution?”

“There is a need for three things to occur to make decency exist in this situation.  They are logic, fair play and time.”

“Could you elaborate on each?”

“The first two, logic and fair play, work together.  Logically don’t separate yourself or your behavior and then demand togetherness and understanding.  This works on both sides of the equation. Certainly don’t reward bad behavior by paying tax dollars to repair damages.  Here time plays a major role.  The injured parties will come to see the players and put the responsibility on the community.  Yes more will die.  But when the black community shows respect for their people they can more easily enter into a larger community without  the illogic.”

“Your Honor, I stand down,” said Fonch

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