This story stems from a union meeting in 1978. As a paramedic in a Florida county we had just received our Teamster credentials. Our first meeting changed the way I view a reaction to information.
The paramedics had power. Their voices would now be heard. The power of a voice came through the beer they drank. They sang, the chanted, they argued, they yelled. I stood with a soft drink like a fish out of water and asked the newly elected vice president what we were protesting and clamoring about.
I will never forget the look on his face and the looks on those around him. They were stymied. They had no issue. They only had perceived power. That is, until someone screamed “more money.” A smile came across their faces as they began chanting “more money, more money” As it eventually ended we had no money issues but we had some back pay issues that were handled under a different union that we changed to.
This leads to my close friend. She leans heavily to the left and says things that cearly spell doom to the future of America. I lean to the right for a litany of reasons. The biggest reason is logic, not emotion, prevails. Actually, that is not true as insanity prevails but logic, not emotion is the starting point.
A slight digression is necessary here. I believe there is only one part that serves the same goal that promotes money and power. I cannot understand the millions spent to get a job that pays 170,000 plus benefits. Unless, of course, it pays more that we don’t readily see.
I mentioned to my friend an article I saved about the destruction of education to the American male. I simply stated that this article I laminated because I saw what it portrayed. I learned to let other people talk so I could learn. I believe I do not know enough until I have something to base an opinion on. The sad part is I had so few opinions on anything partly because I never could get accurate information. i seemed to be hearing my information in sound bites, from Hollywood and a dishonorable media.
Then I watched the Academy Awards and heard a speech about equal pay. Since I have time in my retirement, I decided to see if this statement she made held merit. I found that the equal pay for women and men in Hollywood stemmed from a well known actor receiving more money in a leading role than his female counterpart. Seemed like the request be that experience, box office draw and past record was trumped by a need for equality. Part of the insanity in the U.S.
During my research I found a government statistic that women in their twenties earn more than their male counterparts.
I shared this with my liberal friend who demanded proof of that statement. When I offered her the proof she said, “They can make statistics say anything” I honestly took a step back. I listened to her dislike of a female conservative pundit who specializes in “cut to the bone” attacks on liberal double standards. Until that moment, I always felt her tactics a bit too heavy handed. But I no longer feel that way. She exposed the double standard and brought out the smiling hate from my friend.
She will always be my friend. I will still listen to her opinions, but I will also get closer to understanding the crazy thinking that sits in the middle of liberal thought.

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