These are the rough questions that will ultimately bring about more questions.  Facts will be checked and “no spin” is allowed.

  1.  Why is the highest gun violence come from the areas with the strictest gun control laws?
  2. Why do they have gun free zone rallies guarded by security with gun?
  3. Why is it that a person of faith can believe in something that another finds ridiculous, while the person who chastises has a belief in nothing? (my question really needs a statement to clarify.  I know where an Islamic fanatic stands on most issues but I do not have that solid feeling in dealing with a person of no belief)
  4. Why do big companies like GE not pay taxes?
  5. Why is the former CEO of GE the head of a federal program for US job creation?
  6. What ever happened to the two counties in Florida, one with 147% voter turn out, the other with a hundred percent vote for one candidate?
  7. Why did Clinton get impeached twice?
  8. What ever happened to the women who filed sexual complaints against Clinton?
  9. If 911 was a government run event how come the next administration did not reveal it?

more to come.

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