I believe that much of writer’s block is simply that a writer has nothing to say.  They can tell you their opinion but when they have to see it in writing they realize how stupid they sound.  Hence — writer’s block.

A problem with social media deals with the above stated point.  By putting up a picture of a dog, cat or cartton character the writer can post really insipid material from behind a curtain.

I have learned to be tolerant.  I know and like two guys who have different political beliefs.  The one preaches love and tolerance by posting hateful and untrue statements.  The other uses only material that supports his personal opinion.  My tolerance is to either see the picture and move on or read the headline and confirm the bias.

The second problem deals with the unsocialness of the social media.  I never have meaningful conversations.  I see remarks like, “beautiful”  “Cool”  “Neat” both reflecting the age and the lack of conversation.

I decided to not respond unless I could use a full two lines.  I morphed into being sarcastic, playful and nibbling, trying to stay in the bounds of PC.  It worked — for a while.  One person caught on and responded with sentences and interchange.

These are problems as I view them.  A short one word response may keep another going.

Originality becomes the third problem.  I mainly see reposts of something from the web or someone else’s post.  Nothing original.

This leads to my fourth problem.  If you want to be original you need more than an original idea YOU NEED COMPUTER SAVVY.

That segues into the fifth problem.  Like minds swim in the same ponds.  No room for thoughtful objections.  For example in my area FB is graffiti for old people.

There are several types of posters as I classify them

The KNOWITALLS — there is not a subject they do not have an opinion on but the RIGHT opinion as well.  They have a continuum from supreme know it all to “you  entered my field of expertise”  Most are shunned, avoided or murdered.

There are the HATERS.  These people spew hate, anger and end of the world stuff.  They can be political, even religious.  They are fun because I make bets with friends that I can get them to say or post certain things.  These people HATE themselves back to the States.

There are the CONTRAS.  A bit different than HATERS.  These posters disagree with every comment.  Sometimes they disagree in the same discussion.  These people die because they refuse to seek medical help.

The LOVERS, sometimes I refer to them as POLLYANNAS.  Everything is wonderful.  The people here are so nice, this is better that is better and what sucks is just different and you better stop being a person of dissent.  These people get robbed a lot and die in accidents.

Then there are the WATCHERS of which I am one.  We tend to monitor the social media waves looking for remote signs of intelligence.  I use to try to make contact but found that betting on when they become insipid a bit more profitable.  They live long miserable lives.  They usually have a dog.

The most common are the DOERS.  They have made their life an adventure that must be shared with everyone.  Here is me on the North Pole, now the South Pole, here I am eating Italian food guess where, Oh yes on our 6 week stay in Italy where we also filled in that small bit of world knowledge we were missing.  Now we can move up to the KNOWITALL group.  A variation of this group is the I FOUND THE ANSWER group.  This group latches on to some native religion, herb or drink and then meditates, stretches, wakes up with sun, hikes the mountains in close proximity to true knowledge not about God but the actual meaning of life.  If they do not get injured or murdered they usually die happy in their belief.

Well there you have it.  Five problems, with examples, of social media.

If I get bored I will rewrite this in a style or voice of one of the characters.  Strictly to improve my writing craft.

I woke up the day after I posted this and realized the biggest problem with social media.  When you engage in social media you STOP THINKING.  The internal dialog you have with yourself has a replacement with another voice — and you answer the other voice.  If you get enough other voices your opinion or thought tends to take the form of the voices.  Think about that.

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