Memory is at the heart of my education as a neuropsychologist.  I enjoy hearing people telling me they can remember past lives and things in the womb.  That requires mystical elements and beliefs that stand outside my understanding.  Since the human brain had not yet developed the cells to form memory at birth, as the birth of a human, is always premature.  By premature I mean that the baby is expelled early because the human body cannot retain such a large head and shoulders to be expelled later.  So the first year is developing outside the womb that most other animals do inside the womb.

My first memory is at age four.  It enters into many of my dreams.  I am sitting at the kitchen table that is a swirl of white, gray and off white colors that are similar to a thin tile.  The material is like a hard linoleum.  A linoleum floor with red, black splotches on a gray background provide the base for the bright yellow walls of the kitchen.  The placement of the stove, sink and cupboards is etched in my memory.  This tablr pattern has those multiple  aluminum ridges that you saw in the 1950s drive ins.  I am staring out the window looking at Mrs. Ehrlich’s flowering lilac bush and asking my mother questions.  My mother is washing dishes in the sink and I am asking profound questions like, “Why is the sky blue?”  “Why don’t dogs talk?”

I receive answers that just now I realize set the tone for my life.  I ask questions, I do not remember the answers, but I sense your ability to tolerate me and my questions.  My mother was good at tolerating my questions.

Sorry.  No alien encounters, no past life memories, no trauma, no alcohol, no abuse.  Just a normal life that questions.

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