This topic requires much thought, writing skill and insight.  A fact is irrefutable by logic, a truth can be reasoned.  So I am given the task of writing a fact, ten facts that would be interesting.

The analytic branch of psychology says that there are three people in each of us; the person we think we are (truth), the person others see (truth) and the person we really are (fact).  The closer these three align the better adjusted a person is.

Fact one.  I introspect events in my life.  I look at my motives, my desires and my ideas with a microscope. I believe that is the reason I say and see things different than most people.

Fact two.  I have the ability to look past the surface presentation a person displays.  As a result I believe (truth) that I can ascertain strengths and weaknesses in another and build my relationship on that skill.

Fact three.  I like dogs.  You could line up all the animals in the world and let me choose and I will choose a large dog.  Not interesting but factual.

Fact three.  I will always resort to logic (truth) when confronted with a problem.

Fact four.  Because of fact three I can make seemingly cold decisions.

Fact five.  I have difficulty in dealing with decisions devoid of logic.  If another makes a decision based on race, sex or whatever despite the evidence, that truly unnerves me.

Fact six, I had to reconcile being liked for being logical.

Fact seven. I find finding facts difficult.

Fact eight.  I find that men and women think and behave differently and as a result I am confused by the women’s right movement.

Fact nine,  I read the news media and ferret out the misinformation daily.  I actually have narrowed my view on material because I recognize the pattern of lagenda speech.

Fact ten.  I look at life and nature daily with awe, I just look at it factually.  That means no mysticism, no beliefs in things without proof, no expectations.

I wanted to say I like animals, I enjoy the company of others, I am brilliant and creative and I like so and so, but those would all be truths — my perception of me.

This existential exercise to the word meaning of fact has me wondering.

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