I will make the assumption that this excludes your mother because Mom heads that list.

My first love was Donna Sroka in the sixth grade at St. Francis Borgia grammar school.  I still remember her phone number and her street address to this day.

At the time I did not, still some denial, that she ran ahead of our age group.  She had high school suitors.  But I proved naively persistent and got my first kiss under her next door neighbor’s tree.  Unfortunately it was raining and I had just fallen out of it.

We attended different high schools and went separate ways.  My high school athletic fame reached the papers.  The church news and local papers brought her and her friend, Maureen Street, into my path.  I still had that little boy, wise guy, attitude and she had become serious.

After that brief encounter we never saw or spoke again.  I have searched FB and tried other methods but to no avail.  Besides, I suspect she is still too advanced for me.

As I think about that childhood romance, it was for me, I realize something that repeated itself even today.  When I like a girl, as in interested in a relationship, I have difficulty in talking to her.  I become withdrawn, not shy, but withdrawn.

I have two deceased wives who would have attested to my extremely cautious approach.  They each opened me up to them.

I think I will use that personality characteristic in my writings.  I first have to more fully describe it before I name it.  I am doing that right now.  I clam up around a woman of interest.  I use excuses for why she will reject me.  I argue with myself for not being more forward.  My female friends, whom I like, all know of her and my behavior.  I thought it was just high school.  This behavior gives credence to “old habits die hard.”

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