Honestly I have never been fascinated by people in general.  My two deceased wives fascinated me as I marveled at their thinking.  This writing exercise brings up a part of me that has tentacles.  I remember someone saying to me that I only saw what I wanted to see in them.  Somehow that statement and this topic are related.

I am fascinated by two people, Hillary Clinton and her supporters.  I try to stay away from the news because besides being agenda driven it tends to be most incomplete.  Having been a journalist I do pay attention to headlines because I know the headline meetings and how they ran.

I noticed that the news media has shifted towards a less favorable presentation of Hillary.  If just one thing that is mentioned is true, just one, there lies a despicable person.

So how is this fascinating?  I wonder what she thinks about when she turns out the lights?  Does she plan a reversal of her position? Does she plan her next lie? Does she engage with a group who know her deceits?

And then her supporters.  How can anyone defend her actions, let alone her words?  Yet despite this people will vote for her.  The people who support her represent a disturbed American element.  Of this I am sure. But her thinking.  How can she say to thine own self be true?

Having written this I am going to make an effort to locate several people to be dby.  My being fascinated by the negative elements of Hillary places a form of self righteous arrogance on me.  So, I will seize this message to investigate further.

After all this is BETTERTTHNTHERAPY.

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