Since I have no tattoos I actually would like to hear opinions from others about their tattoos or lack of tattoos,

When I interviewed individuals in jail for neuropsychological reasons, many of them had tattoos.  Generally, their demeanor, the way they talked, the way they viewed their situation correlated in my mind with the wearing of tattoos.  The men wore the tattoos like women wear lip stick.  When the tattoos did not get the attention they wanted the tattoos took on color.  When this did not work, then came the piercing. Needless to say employment opportunities from the narrow minded establishment (sarcasm inserted here) were limited.

I remember one 40+ women lamenting that the tattoo represented her fall from the reality of her culture.  She now looks at the tattoo as a reminder of foolish rebellious behavior.

Her description of her feelings toward that tattoo stick with me.  She said, and I understood, that some of us can forget regretful things in our past.  That tattoo haunts her and reminds her of a place she calls hell.

She said the hell was not a series of deeds but a way of thinking.  She added that people who wear tattoos have problems.

My tattoos are scars from mishaps.  I remember the scar on my little finger, the scar from the football mask.  It was a game saving tackle where the later world famous running back bowled me over on his way to the game winning touchdown.  He stepped on my mask, broke it, drove it into my face, and tripped.  Yes, they carried me off the field but I showed him he couldn’t just run through me.

My friend suggested I should put a tattoo there.  I figured the scar was enough.  Besides a tattoo would bring up his name and not place the glory where it belonged.

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