Honestly don’t even know what the means.  I must admit the word bothers me because I keep thinking it is spelled wrong.  It goes against my grammar rules.

Having said I don’t have any feelings on that topic brings up a thought.  Why?

I read all these articles and books that preach unity by pointing out the differences.  I don’t have feelings toward racISM, sexISM or any ISMs.  I have thoughts that seem to resist emotion.  I look at options, choices, opportunities, not how a group feels but how I can achieve what I want.  If there is a barrier I go around it.

Nature has fallen trees on the path (treeism) but I don’t stop and have a San Francisco protest.  I move on.

I realize that cultural change often needs a boost.  But fairness has never entered my vision.  If I listed all the isms of unfairness I would be a politician.  If I took offense to all the slanders I would be on drugs.  If I wanted to change this I would make money selling books and running churches.

Too much.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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