This is a writing challenge.  I could simply say pomegranate and move on.  But I really had to think about this.  I eat a lot of fruit, especially since I live in Ecuador.  I would probably eat more except the mercados do not sell fresh fruit and if they do I just can’t eat that much and then it tends to over ripen.

My purchase of fruit centers around convenience and waste.  Convenience because the watermelons do not fit well on a bus and waste because I made a pact with myself to buy only what I will use.  I am fond of granadillas that is in the pomegranate  family.

Pomegranates are much work.  They taste bitter, you have to remove a ton of seeds and the color stains anything it contacts.  I read that the pomegranate has health benefits.  In my mind I see a pomegranate farmer trying to unload this nasty tasty fruit and using a copy writer to hype beneficial benefits.

But as I think about disliked fruits, I really don’t have but the one.  I have favorite, I would eat more except for convenience.  The convenience issue is something I will reconsider.

My deceased wife was a magician with food.  She would present a fruit platter that you didn’t want to eat because the way she presented it was a work of art; a watermelon with shape, fruit layered in colors, fruit mixed with shrimp on a boat.  Now I miss her.

But pomegranates I have eaten and will eat if the chef does the work, makes it sweet and presentable.

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