My mother, the philosopher always made reference to living long enough to see the pendulum swing.  She believed that whenever somebody or some entity gains what they consider to be their right, there will come a day that they will have to pay.

She said enslaving a people by any means is wrong.  The dictators (all except Castro, who literally was rewarded) all get their due.  The people storm the castle or a coup, but they often die or take their millions and live comfortably abroad.

As I was growing up my mother would say, “The white man will pay for his great grandparents sins.”  Apparently my mother saw this as a pendulum swinging.  But she added  “the pendulum has not stopped swinging.”  She did not live to see it swing back.

She believed that fairness works both ways.  When the pendulum swung for equality some people set in motion a desire for more than equal.  It is a matter of time before the “black lives matter” group turns into “cops matter” or “if black lives matter why do we blacks allow our own to kill each other” (a bit too long but it’s a work in progress)  Then there will come a right wing religious group that will center their belief around a place called “Bimbo.” A place where all the aborted fetuses await their selfish mothers.

Then there will come a group called, “Be a present father” and things will heat up. Then the true meaning of Obamacare will strike.  Free vaccinations and HIV+ tests and free paternity tests.  (all mandatory)  and then you will see who pays.

A comedian said that McDonald’s was offering the Obama meal.  You order whatever you want and the person behind you pays for it.  They did not foresee that their would be no one left behind.

Then there will come the “no more lying” group and politics will end.  But first dramatic change will have to occur.  As the pendulum swings back the politically correct, those who demanded more than they deserved, the poor who stole to gain equality, the attorneys who took advantage, the CEOs who made bonuses, the bitter police, the groups, the organizations that used a cause to make money will all hide from the “I lost everything group fueled by the I got nothing to lose group.

Go figure

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