Continuing my thought process.
I spent 31 years as a forensic neuropsychologist. I tested, evaluated and interviewed tens of thousands of patients. They call it a “practice” for a reason. In the end you hopefully come out of the practice with an expertise; possibly knowledge and understanding.
Since I was little I pondered time. I felt if I could not sleep I could use my time to my betterment. I could sleep on a picket fence during a war. I have maybe 5 nights in my life I did not sleep well. So I know that sleep is essential to a healthy being.
Having worked in sleep institutions and researched the topic I have an understanding of how sleep persists in all mammals. It has evolutionary roots. Why would an animal sleep with the fear that a predator roamed nearby. Even sharks sleep.
The point I am trying to make is that people don’t KNOW things and therefore can’t UNDERSTAND them, yet they still APPLY them.
Work with me here as I attempt to explain and unfold my thought process through a series of blogs. Your input may be helpful.
I will state that my theory hinges on something that has haunted me since little but more on that later as it unfolds.

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