I have learned patience and acceptance using two quotes.

The first is an olde english quote, “It be an ille winde that blows no one no goode”

I recently mentioned this quote in a writing group and the writers pounced on me for my poor grammar.  I defended myself by citing the original verse.  I went home and looked it up as I had done previously and all the grammar had been updated.  The saying now says” It’s an ill wind that blows no one (any) good.”

I had the same issue with the pronunciation of OXYMORON.  The original pronunciation was with the accent on the first syllable but the usage has changed.

So back to my original quote that basically says if a hurricane destroys homes the construction people find jobs.  Another way is to say every cloud has a silver lining.

As often as I use those quotes the one that I use the most is my mother’s.  “The purpose of any conversation is for the other to speak.  So keep your mouth shut.”

I have mastered that saying.  I give the illusion that I gossip but in fact I pretend to gossip to learn information.    As a psychologist I had to learn to keep things to myself and I might say much to my detriment.

I have painted a persona that allows me easy entry into another person’s world.  The whole time I have only given the false belief of what I claim or what you wish to believe.  Sounds devious but it is very open.  Sometimes I feel bad that people believe these things that I allow, but many see past the veneer.  I have one friend who does not and she actually believes that things she says.  This allows me the opportunity to weigh statements by giving information to her that she interprets that others see differently.  This difference is important to me.

My two quotes may seem trite but when added with others as the situation arises I figure things out.

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