• Lay in bed and remember you are retired
  • Anything you do is a plus
  • After toiletries COMB hair
  • Give Faulkner the coyote a hug
  • Feed Faulkner
  • Brew coffee
  • Take Faulkner for river walk
  • Return, change do yoga
  • 2 cups of chocolate coffee wuth Chips Ahoy cookies
  • Check Emails
  • See of US started another war
  • Write daily challenge
  • Read Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant for book club
  • Go to YouTube watch a Scrivener tutorial for upcoming workshop
  • Head to 12 Chairs writer’s group
  • Call Monica to meet at dinner
  • Tutto Matto for dinner and social
  • Buy 8 pounds of dog food at Mercado
  • bus home
  • Take Faulkner on walk to his girlfriend
  • Return and write 1700 words in YA Nanowrimo challenge
  • If time watch Netflix
  • Jim Rollins novel, notes to self about story ideas
  • bed and recap the day

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