Writing a 30 day challenge can expose how mundane your life can be.

Being single was something I once put on a list of Ten Things To Do Before You Die.  At the time I was married and had never been single.  Boy was I right about that one.  You learn so much about yourself.  I also realize that doesn’t work for everyone as I know good people who become trapped in bitterness and bad thoughts.

So what has this to do with morning routine?  I have been known to sleep well and wake up happy and energized.  I found that those early morning routines set the stage for this feeling.  I lay in bed thinking what must get done today.  Since I am truly retired and stay away from volunteering I realize I have nothing to do and then lie back down and relish that feeling.

I get up, make the bed, wash my face and open the door and give my waiting friend, Faulkner, a big hug.  I feed him immediately.  I get the coffee maker going.  I get the leash and out the door we go for a walk in the park next to our house.  He loves the walk and I must admit so do I.

Upon return I change clothes and go right into my yoga routine.  I am faithful to this routine and with my rehabilitation background will write an article about this practice. After my yoga I sit at the computer, collect emails, briefly read things of interest and relax and enjoy my coffee.  I browse the headlines. Because I am an AOL user and the Huffington Post misreports the news  I avoid any article about politics because their slant is invariably far left.  If a headline intrigues me, I will make a note to look the truth on Drudge as they have multiple views from a wide variety of people with in depth reporting.

I avoid any and all cat photos.  I don’t care about celebrity divorces or their latest announcements. I am numb to athletes and stupid behaviors. I will read a headline I know to be inaccurate.  This morning I read the stuff on U. Missouri campus and viewed it as “if it bleeds it leads”.  Having been a reporter and turning down the Columbia School of Journalism at UM,  I see a great story in the parceling of this story.  I will follow stories that are meant to increase readership by inflamed reporting.  Huffington Post is in the top Five.  Liberty News, a right wing media post is number one.  I have it blocked because the headlines can get me going.

Oh yeah, morning routine.  Since I have limited commitments by choice, I will read and write the remainder of the morning.  I am involved in an Ann Tyler novel and a James Rollins thriller.

I will take my bike and ride as fast as I can to try to pedal to the top of the hill by my complex.  I am five feet shy but today may be the day.  I think my success will depend on technique and a tail wind.

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