Horoscopes are fun.  They are funny/  Until you realize that people believe in them.  Then they are not so fun.  They are sad–pathetically sad.  I use to write the horoscope for a small newspaper.  The rules were to be more positive and say things that matched the predetermined script for the month.  I wrote some doozies.  But they never made it to print.  I hear one is framed on a wall at a large newspaper.

The arrogance of a person, who cannot explain the influence, the actual attraction of the moon, let alone the other planets, to tell me that these influences which if they do exist are not known to this person, to tell me that my personality can be predicted by them.  That is beyond arrogance.  Actually that is saying, “I know more than you because you are stupid and believe my mumbo jumbo.”

Every, and I mean every, true research study, using scientific principles, has placed the horoscope below alchemy, phrenology and liberalism. (you might need to reread that).

I studied for 12 years in college and graduate school to understand the human personality.  I earned two post docs, one in neuropsychology and one in forensics.  I tested, evaluated and interviewed people often charged with serious crimes.  I had the test results of years of scientific research backing up my findings.  I swear the defense attorney read the criminal’s horoscope to the jury (a jury is defined as12 people of average ignorance).  The criminal walked and a poll of the jury said they couldn’t get past the horoscope.  I realized that education was wasted on the masses.

I did sharpen my sense of humor with the aforementioned. Truth, research, honesty and  research findings mean nothing to people who believe in horoscopes. I had a patient who controlled his wife’s depression, actually got her off medication and functioning, by reading her horoscope that he made up on the internet.  So maybe it does have a purpose.  People with thinking problems take medication and gullible people read horoscopes.  I can work with that.

I will stop here but I should add that there is something worse than the horoscope that people who have or had belief in the horoscope have now succumbed to.  If I were to write here and now it would be a rant.  I have another avenue for that piece.

I was baptized a month and 6 days after birth.  Back in those days you baptized the baby the same week as the birth.  The church records had my birth date very close to my baptism date.  In reality, I was born a full month later than my state records show.  When I showed this to a horoscope person she asked my family questions and said I fit the sign under which I was born to a near perfect match.  Only problem was that was not the sign I was born under.  My sisters and parents laughed but I was confused because the horoscope lady said nice things about me.  My sister said they laughed because none of the stuff was true, I was born under the sign of the DEVIL.  They had me convinced.

Today “Pay close attention to financial matters as your moon is affected by the movement of Saturn.  The rings of Saturn bring on financial concerns to people under your sign.  A relationship of note awaits you this month.  Be wary as this relationship has long term affects.  Your health will need to rest as you work too hard and have weakened your system”

I made that up.  But I will abide by it nonetheless.

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