There is a scene from the movie ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST where Jason Robards plays a notorious outlaw.  He has been captured and is in jail where a writer comes to visit him.  This scene has been cut from the film for length.  The writer asks Robards what he would have done different in his life.  Some brilliant foreshadowing and Robards says, “I would have taken better care of my teeth.”

This writing prompt has the same flavor.  I could say I missed the point or I miss the pot on occasion. I missed a change in the Michigan State game that haunts me.  But the spirit of the prompt lies elsewhere.

Let the foreshadowing begin.  I am the youngest in my entire family of my generation.  I am also the only male.

I logically think you can’t address what you miss unless you couple it with what you don’t miss.  For example, I miss salt water fishing in the flats of the Ten Thousand islands but I don’t miss the car, the insurance, the hassle with the boat.  I miss Uno’s pizza in downtown Chicago but I don’t miss the cold wait for the pie.

There are things I miss that are symbolic and aren’t real.  I miss my first Supra, not only a great vehicle, but the time it represented.  I was tops in my field, I had lots of money and life was great.  But that was a slice of life that so few have and I appreciated it.

This narrows down to two things.  Silly but I miss little league.  Both as a player and as a coach.  Life was carefree.  Just run, show off, do great and you never lost.

I make a digital tape every month that I took as a father.  My narration is funny as I describe my kids, my wife, my family.  In the latest video my wife’s laugh struck a chord in me.  She laughed at something nobody else understood.  I smile when I replay that laugh,

My paramedic partner and my dad had that same laugh.  I would walk into the room and they would laugh because they knew me and what was about to take place. I can still make people laugh but not that way.

It’s more than missing my parents and my two deceased wives.  It’s a feeling,

So I put together that feeling of walking on a baseball diamond and being with my lost family and friends.

I don’t know what it’s called but that’s what I miss

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