When I start to write I have no idea where my story will take me let alone how it will end.  The words do seem to just flow as if someone is using me to write their words.  I have a dear friend who says I am “channeling.”  I used to get offended that she credited to someone else my words of prose.  Now I’m entertaining the idea she may be right.

Although,channeling would be weird as in unusual or supernatural and it would be a trait.  But I still reject the reality.

A trait to a neuropsychologist has physical realities.  In the context of this writing prompt it means characteristic.  And weird is unusual or even supernatural.  Having interviewed so many brain injured people, many of them bizarre criminals, i had to explain their “weird traits” to a jury.

My point is two fold.  First I realize that weird is in a culture, not an individual.  Secondly my background has raised the threshold on weird.

I think I have a grip on reality and that my culture is weird.  So my normal thinking becomes weird as my culture floats away.

Case in point.  I think liars are bad people.  The lie is a thought process that tells you that the person can replace your existence with a few untrue words.  A liar cannot have empathy, they can falsify the feeling with words.

How many lies before you are a liar?  To me it is only one.  When I lie I admit it to myself and if you ask me if I am lying I will admit it and give my reason.  My work as a neuropsychologist reached a point where I would only take on a case if I could polygraph the client.  I would still take the case if they were lying, but I needed to understand.  I also was a polygrapher.

I lost much business, I think, because attorneys are the most prolific liars and they could not accept that the truth be known.  MOST POLITICIANS ARE ATTORNEYS.

Reread that last line –several times.  A weird trait I have is the ability to separate people’s traits or qualities.  I will ask some very  unassuming questions and will have your IQ and political and religious stance in minutes.  Then I will search for a way in.    A way to connect with the cultural barriers you have posted as sentinels to the real you. The real you is always more interesting that your cultural persona.

Hillary Clinton is a liar.  She is a liar beyond the pale of liars. I see it and most cogent people see it.  So I am fascinated that she has such support.  I suppose that a woman liar is better than a man liar.  It’s kind of like saying the millionaires in Congress in your party understand you better than the millionaires in the other party.

i have a friend who claims that people with really bad habits will vote for Hillary.  I had to see his reasoning.  People who do something they know to be wrong will be inclined to vote for Hillary.  “Please explain,” I said.

“Smokers will vote for Hillary, fat people will vote for Hillary.  People who don’t exercise will vote for Hillary.  People who don’t go to church will vote for Hillary.  People who have alternate sex lives will vote for Hillary and people who cheat on their spouses will work in her campaign,”  he replied.

I challenged some of his statements and to my surprise I had at least ten  rolling on the floor articles about American thinking.  So that is my first weird trait.  I am a cold logical person.

Speaking of logic that is my second weird trait.  I minored in philosophy in college.  When you present an argument to me I go to the logic of your reasoning.  I will engage you in conversation but challenge myself to have your logic put you in a corner.  I do it nicely but I think that’s why I have so few friends

A third weird trait.  I listen to people.  In the American culture this is rare.  I sat across from a man who I hardly know and he said as he was eating, “I will just wait and see what the doctor says about her condition,”  I stared in amazement as he looked up and smiled realizing his inner conversation became audible to me and another.  We both asked questions.  Again I walked away with a heartwarming story about a guy who has no one to talk to except himself.

A fourth weird trait.  I believe in evolution.  I don’t believe in God although I cherish the ten commandments (fuzzy on the first three) and all people of faith.  I admire people of faith because I just can’t get there.  I have that cold, logical, scientific belief of where we came from and where we are going.  Remember what you were thinking before you were born?  Well that’s exactly what you will be thinking after you die.  I have my theory on consciousness that will be addressed long after I surrender mine.  I will entertain any conspiracy theory except when they offer no solution or practice a behavior that the conspiracy theory is supposed to engender.

This last weird trait is the Bloom’s taxonomy trait of you can APPLY something until you UNDERSTAND it and you can’t UNDERSTAND something until you have KNOWLEDGE of it.  KNOWLEDGE -UNDERSTANDING- APPLICATION.  So someone who does not KNOW the moons of Saturn cannot UNDERSTAND the horoscope of your personality.


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