This is the final post in the 30 day challenge.  I plan on emptying my drafts until December 1 when I will bring on guest writers to give views on issues we avoid or are afraid to tackle.  The writers demand anonymity.  They are locals.

Today’s writing prompt reminds me of my oldest sister’s caution.  “Define your terms,” she always says.   Excited has a variety of inferences.  It means a state of arousal.  Well, I could be aroused by a lion chasing me but I doubt that is the meaning in this case.  I am going to use the meaning aroused in a “looking forward to.”

The the dangling preposition for suggests that maybe I should be excited for someone else.  I will interchange the word about to help clarify.  Language is funny that way.  You can get away with things by befuddling the meaning.

I remember my mother saying to me that as you age things aren’t as exciting.  Birthdays, parties, weddings, births, deaths and elections become less exciting.  She said this right after she told me, “Don’t get old.”

Well I got old.  I understand my mother fully–always did.  I thought all day about this excitement issue.  I have so much to do.  Things I want to do but they do not reach the level of excitement.

The last time I got excited was earlier this week reading a book by James Rollins.  I was standing, reading and stomping my feet wondering how are they going to get out of this mess.  So I get excited with certain books.  I was reading Ann Tyler and got interested in the love thing but she left me high and dry.

I get excited listening to must win baseball games.  I think it is because it tickles my imagination.  Studies show that your imagination is tied to your memory.  I listen to the radio broadcasts because two of the announcers describe exactly what it feels like to be in that batter’s box.

I am an avid hockey fan.  I can sit and watch a hockey game and never move.  I do jump, I swear, I scream and I guess I get excited.  Unless you strapped on skates you can’t appreciate the inner feeling of the game.  It’s like soccer but fast and dangerous.

I look forward to events and conversation but with a obligatory interest.  So if I had to pick something that excites me, it is a good book.  It truly grabs your imagination.  Unfortunately the book market sells books they have on hand and so you read what they give.  There are some really good writers who you have to search for, usually as a self publish.

One thing I notice is that many people in my locale do not read.  The young people who read today will own the world tomorrow.  There is so much good reading in all kinds of genres..

I think being excited and invested in something becomes crucial to older health.  There are a few people who I enjoy conversing with.  A few things I noticed about these choices for interesting people is they have logic.  They have the ability to look past the media and the “my way makes sense” FaceBook crowd.  I do read the FaceBook stuff because some people are funny and they pick good topics.  I often see a comment from a person reading in the background and it is usually on point.  So people are there but do not converse regularly. I could write volumes on FaceBook comments.  But that doesn’t excite  me.

I remember my dad in his old age listening to the University of Miami baseball games.  I get excited about the “U”, my alma mater.  Whenever I go to the States I go to the alumni baseball game.  Currently I am the third oldest returnee.  That is creepy.  When you’re the oldest you get a standing ovation.  I’m trying to get excited about that but it’s not working.


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