I wouldn’t have remembered it except for my oldest sister.  I remember going from my future in-laws house to my house for parties at both locations. Our wedding was set for August 28th , the next month.  My future wife, Helene, would die 21 years later.

The reason I remember the night of my 21st birthday was because my sister told my mother the truth.  When I was 5 years old my parents went to a wedding banquet at night.  They entrusted my then 15 year old sister with my care.  Make no mistake, I was not only my parent’s favorite, but the only boy and baby in the extended family added to my specialty in the family.  I was a character and my sisters hated me.  Natalie, my oldest sister pleaded with my mom to let her go out.  Instead she had to watch me.

After my parents left, Natalie said, “You want to play cowboys and Indians?”

“Sure.” I said finally realizing my sister was catching on to the important things in my life.

“Okay, I am the Indian and I am going to tie you up first,” she proceeded to hog tie just like in the movies.  She threw me on the bed and went out on a date.

I was gagged with my feet tied to my wrists behind my back.  My sister was way better at tying knots than the Indians in the movies.  There was no fire to burn free and no sharp objects to cut loose.  I couldn’t even get to the TV.

She cut me free about midnight.  I waited for my parents until 2 a.m.  I told my mother what happened.  In the morning Natalie laughed at my “imagination.”  She convinced my mother I was a liar.  In fact in years to come she’d say, “he’s lying like the time he said I tied him up.”  Not only did I become a liar but she cheated at a monopoly game and accused me of cheating.  Now I was a liar and a cheat.   She kept telling everybody this and they believed it.  She’s a liberal now . She knew that repeating a lie makes it true.

Well on my 21st birthday she told my mom that she did in fact tie me up.  She would not exonerate me on the cheating issue.  My mother laughed.  I waited for some justifiable expletives from my mother but nothing came.  She simply said, “Well, he got branded.”   My mother was conservative.

As a result of this I became a person in the middle watching people defend their positions.  And now I write about it.  I try not to judge but simply apply logic.

So the night of my 21st birthday the truth came out and nothing changed.  GO FIGURE!






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