by Chris Cross

I read accounts about people like Copernicus and Galileo who told the powers that be that they (the powers) had it wrong.  The earth revolved around the sun.  Under penalty of death these men recanted but still believed they were correct in their findings.

These men of science gave evidence to support their claims.  But the powers and the masses did not believe in evidence.  They believed in their opinions.

Much the same today.

I am a people watcher.  I notice that men talk openly and freely among men as do the women.  The conversations from both sexes are animated and filled with life.

I see a married couple who do not talk to each other.  They are not happy.  They separate and each joins the same sex group and immediately show signs of life.  They each laugh, smile and resemble social human beings.

What if we got  it wrong?

What if we were supposed to be separate.  What if the other five humanoid tribes died out because they found life with their own sex.  The occasional exchange of body fluids kept them going until they could no longer stand the other sex.  So they ended their species.

What if we got more wrong?

That there is a God and this Being realized that in order to keep this species alive he’d have to do something drastic.  He gave the male testosterone and the female estrogen.  Now the two hated sexes, the Hatfield and McCoys, had this urge to get together.

And I was witnessing the miserable couple, a by-product of chemical engineering (GMO if you will) finding others like them and hoping to find a way back to happiness.  A way to share life as the differences in chemicals sought comfort in their own kind.

So we make up a culture to even the playing field. And…

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