Beginning today, I have the pleasure of trying something new.  I have found six writers who will write a regular article  in BETTERTHNTHERAPY.

These writers are all locals living in and around Cuenca, Ecuador.  They demand anonymity.  The months of work pulling together this group I hope will be well worth the effort.  As you know Cuenca is home to the artist and writer.  These are expat writers who were hand picked for this endeavor.

The selection process proved formidable.  The reason being that there are so many writers in Cuenca — some if them very good.  The problem with most of the writers is they have an agenda.  They don’t see it.  They are so far to one side or the other on the political spectrum that their bias is bigoted.  We have writers who spew anti hate dialogue in a hateful way.  These writers had to be culled from the forum.

So beginning today you will read articles about nothing.  Each writer is given a topic thge day of the article and must fashion an article that is non political.  They can make the article relevant to a current topic.

They will be given certain writing parameters that you might figure out in the article (such as no passive voice, deductive or inductive paragraph structure, etc.)

We are working on a POINT/COUNTERPOINT team that will spoof political rhetoric.  (that reminds me, I have to check on their cages).  These two are feisty

We run this like a newspaper.  We meet and go over the various ideas and hope to tickle your involvement.  Yes, I am the editor-in-chief and it is my job to enforce the code. (code not fully formed yet)

There is no seriousness allowed, well sort of.  Every opinion is accepted as just that.  Any untoward language is prohibited edited and ridiculed. At the end of the writing week I will recap the authors and articles and  have the writers address comments.

Let the writing begin.




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