Life is life, fun is fun; but it’s so quiet when the goldfish dies

by Kimberly Kross

I am amazed at how dumb Americans are.

I do not say this lightly.  I will go a step further and add that with travel they spread their stupidity.  You would think that living in another country would expand your understanding.  Bur when the basic premise is wrong everything that follows is also wrong.  Logically illogical if you will.

William Sommerset Maughn said, “It wasn’t until late in life I learned to say “I don’t know.”  I sat next to a woman yesterday who never read Maughn.

I partook in small talk with the various group members.  I joked, cajoled and laughed about our various outlooks on things.  The woman next to me lived in Saudi Arabia for a  number of years and held many beliefs related to the Saudis and the Americans.

She said, “This Republican jerk said….”  The woman across from her answered with “I can’t imagine what it would be like being a Republican. What do you think Kimberly?”

Being a Republican I am use to the vitriol spewed by the narrow minded.  I use the words of my friend, “If the liberals had the same attitude toward the terrorists as they do toward the conservatives we’d be in good shape.”

Then it got ugly.  They began talking about children and I made the comment about increasing the birthrate in their families to offset the Muslim birthrate.  Since I did not believe anyone listened to me I was surprised to hear, “Look at the Mormon birthrate.”

You know how quickly your mind can put scenarios together.  Well I found a neuronal loop.  It seemed that she said, “If I close that window, will your dog die?”

The illogic of that statement cannot be disputed.  The part that perplexed me was how close to the verbal generator that thought process lay.  Does every verbalization have anti bigotry bigotry  attached to it.  Is it any wonder that people don’t get along?

So I decided to use logic as the basis of my writing.  This thought process is a non-sequitur.  This means the beginning statement does not connect to the end statement.

That  used to be sufficient to put the discussion in perspective.  But three things occurred that showed how far from logic the American mind is.

That non-sequitur that she said had a meaning to her.  She might have thought that my statement demeaned her knowledge of Saudis.  Maybe she just hated Mormons.  I could have said “You misunderstood me, Mormons don’t have terrorists killings.”  but I thought I would like to finish my meal.

The second thing came from the agreement at the table about the thoughts of the Republicans.  If I had black skin they would not have made ethnic slurs in fact I believe they would have pandered with white guilt, probably blaming Republicans for slavery and recent racial issues.

The third issue came later when I had this piece reviewed and a friend said, “I like it but you speak negatively against the liberals.”  I asked her where and she said the whole article.

“Do you think you should change it?” she asked.

Quoting W.S. Maughn I said, “I don’t know.”










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