The staff meetings are fun.  We talk about forbidden topics,use forbidden language and challenge the statements of the media.  When we talk about male and female relationships I am fascinated by what we do.

We all have little things we do that give away our thoughts.  They are called ‘tells.’  I know a very insecure woman who pretends to be in charge but when she asks you a question she looks away afraid your response will be different than hers.  Another friend just drinks and then becomes nasty and her tells take on a verbal honesty.

I know many people in Cuenca.  I observe them with scientific curiosity.  I see the glare one spouse gives another, I hear the tone of disapproval.  I particularly like the admission of retirement but the desire to open a business.

Like hamsters on the exercise wheel North Americans  just can’t get off that wheel of ‘doing something’ especially if it has profit.  The question the staff discussed dealt with how spouses show their feelings.  After all  they worked all those years to retire and spend time with their partner.

The single women on our staff admitted to what we labelled ‘male abhorrence’  They simply despise all men.  They have many female friends that share the same dislike toward males.  But the rule of writing in this group is to find a different angle to an age old story or belief.

Looking out the window I noticed X and Y a married couple of expats.  One of our members pointed out that this couple did not like each other.  “They have been married for 40 years.  How can you say that?”

“Look how far he walks in front of her.  That is a sign of unattachment.”

“Maybe she has a bad foot?”

“All the more reason to slow down and support her.”

Then we saw a very athletic single female who we all agreed hates men.  She walked with a couple of women but she walked briskly in front of them.  You could see the stragglers were annoyed by their gestures with the woman running from her dislikes.

Walking ahead of your spouse does not mean you are a bad person, but it does indicate you are a thoughtless one.  The discussion morphed into couple dynamics and how some couples maintain a sense of interaction that shows each other they care.

Everyone left holding hands.




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