Why are you in Ecuador?

by Plain Jane

The discussion (battle ) over the first question and the ground rules brought about much contention.  I don’t think that the difference in thought, between me and my counterpart, are always diverse.  But we do hyperbolize our ideas.  In so doing, we find out beliefs we can’t justify.  We agreed that we would still defend beliefs we wished we had kept hidden, much like in a debate forum.

I an retired in Cuenca because I wanted my US dollar to have some value in my less intense years.  I said this was contentious mainly due to the following, “If you liked where you lived and the culture and langusage and life style  Why are you in Ecuador?”

I wanted a change.  I wanted to understand other cultures.

As agreed I hand this over to Dan for his comments and then can rebut his erroneous thinking. –Jane

by Dan the Man

Jane there are two kinds of liars — those who lie to others which is bad and like you those who lie to themselves which is worse.  You told me you were here because you felt the need to escape the ‘End of Times’ in the U.S.  You almost cried at the admission that your liberal thinking and vote brought about the horror that President Obama brought about in his “Hope and Change’ gimmick.  You admitted that having elected a Muslim that the religious bigots in the US would get their “just desserts”.”  All of a sudden I am here to learn other cultures.  You may as well say, “I am here to spread my liberal bullshit and ruin this culture.”

I am tired of people like you who say nice things to people to their face but when the going gets tough, thanks to stupid thinking like yours, you run, you leave the country.  I came to Ecuador to get away from the likes of you.  But it seems the lot of you and your thinking has more countries to poison.  Your views on guns, for example, the only thing that keeps Americans safe from the government is those guns.  The second amendment was written for this exact time. And you and your foolish, sorry, I meant stupid liberal friends are smelling cheaper flowers in other countries because you screwed up the only good one.

Your hatred of conservative thinkers is hypocrisy.  You want to bring in killers into the US and you decry the thoughts of your fellow Americans as evil.  You preach acceptance of others at the expense of denial to those who do not agree with your thoughts.

Jane, tell the truth for once, tell the world what you think and they can judge your hypocrisy.  –Dan


You religious bigot!  You believe in a god who does not exist.  You don’t like women or blacks or homosexuals or poor people trying to make a better life.  I think it is you who needs to tell your thoughts and have the world see how a narrow mind works.  I refuse to dignify your stupidity.  — Jane





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