by Kimberly Kross

Much of the time, writers look for ideas to write about.  Politics is easy because every one has their own opinion.  Not until one must lead does one realize that the world is irrational.  The absurdity of politics books is easily viewed by looking at the facts, not the truth, the facts.  Since most politicians do not understand logic or research, it becomes easy to see that nothing gets done that makes sense.

UNLESS you actually “follow the money.”  We talk about it, we make movies about it, we read about it, yet we do very little to stop it.  In fact, we consider it business as usual.

If you want to find a topic to write about just look at FaceBook or the Huffington Post.   I just saw a post that provided an example of a red herring.  The person who posted this obviously dislikes Republicans.  He took the four big topics that the Democrats failed to address and blamed it on the Republicans.  I will repeat this over and over again.  There is only one party — the money party.  As long as you insist that the other party is the enemy, this will continue.

Of the top ten Congressmen millionaires, eight are Democrats.  Yet the Democrat constituency claims the Republicans are the rich money barons.  Get over it.  BOTH sides are making deals.  In order to stay on the gravy train you need pinheads like the guy I mentioned to promote the one side is the problem.

In order for him to make his point he had to drag a red herring across the issue because by making the other side defend the indefensible his side appears the ‘right’ side

The issue of Obamacare, the ADA , has always been a ruse– a way to make money for big business.  Let me be clear, AS LONG AS YOU HAVE A FOR PROFIT HEALTH CARE YOU CAN NEVER BE AFFORDABLE.  But we already knew that, ignored that and refused to discuss that.

So get off the conservative /liberal issue and realize that anyone, ANYONE, who gets elected is working for Wall Street and a select few.  Anyone who dares to threaten this will be eliminated (as JFK was).

Follow the logic.  Look at the Red Herring. Look at Huffington Post openly admitting that Trump must be dealt with differently.  Watch how the headlines have slanted the short attention span of the reader.

Just another reason I live in Ecuador.

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