The question before Dan and Jane is, “Is banning all Muslims from the U.S. a viable option to protecting the U.S. from terrorism?”

by Dan the Man

When the Mediterranean fruit fly threatened the citrus industry in Florida they banned all suspected fruits.  The USDA walked into yards and removed private citrus trees with a promise of future replacement (never happened).  They were serious about saving an industry.

I understand and I appreciate that America is a beacon of freedom.  I also understand that freedom for religious beliefs and minorities  (in this case women must be protected.

I can say without hesitation that most Muslims are not bad, evil, terrorists.  However, since the Muslims have done little to stem, yet alone condemn, the violence we MUST assume they are either afraid (as we should be) or complicit in these actions.

Why do I say complicit?  Because their Koran says they must not accept the infidels.  No matter your belief , faith, race or gender you can easily fit under the category of infidel.  Heck. according to them I am an infidel.  Nearly every woman on the street is an infidel by their dress code alone, let alone their education.

Sometimes the baby has an incurable illness and must be thrown out with the bath water.  Sounds cruel but it is survival.  Another possibility is to have them renounce their religion and choose any other religion and you will see that religious freedom means something.  Unfortunately it means religious domination as their Book preaches.

The Saudi royal family does not adhere to the moral doctrines the Koran preaches.  They drink, have open sexual encounters and engage in rampant deceit (along with US leaders)  I care very much for the safety of my family.

The meteoric rise in weapon purchases is due to President Obama’s speech hoping to ban guns as well as his promotion of civil unrest.  Make no mistake,  there is a plan to neutralize the once great nation of America.

by Plain Jane.

Dan, why can’t you just admit that your way of thinking is over.  Accept that you are stupid and get out of the way.  People are people.  They want what we have a chance to improve their life.  They want to go to school.  They want to go to their mosque and worship their God.  They want to be Americans.

They are coming from a war torn country.  A war that the U.S, government has tried to quash but has failed to do so.

Their religious leaders have repeatedly stated that the Islamic religion is a peaceful religion as they have lived and developed great nations.

How can you consider the atrocity of WW II when we interred the Japanese?

Your conservative position is so outdated.  You may as well have a “members only” sign at the border.  America is great because of our ability to absorb and meld with other cultures, religions and races.

The best example you can conjure is a Mediterranean fruit fly?  Come on.  Be progressive.

RESPONSE by Dan the Man

We have already seen the terrorist results in our country.  Countries in Europe are expelling the Muslims because of the Muslim non acceptance of the home country to their religion.  It’s not a matter of being progressive.  It is survival.

The U.S. did not try to broker a peace they caused the unrest.  The Islamic countries have been at war with each other for centuries because one sect did not hold true to the doctrines as interpreted by the other group.

I don’t want you crying in tears wishing you had a weapons , an assault weapon no less, from the converging Muslim mob.

I will go a step further.  We have had worse race relations under the current administration and now a religious divide looms.

The Islamic religion does not want their women educated, driving or wear anything save a bed sheet.  Unless you give me exclusive rights to the Islamic fashions, I am against their invasion and fully accept throwing the baby out with the bath water until the baby learns to play nice with others and does not repeat the world domination message of their Koran and chop off heads and bomb innocents.  What sort of mad thinking are you engaged in?

Yes they want to go to the mosque but not only to prey but to plan the end of the infidels in the protected walls of a U.S. right.  This is the story of the three little pigs.  I am the third pig.



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