by Chris Cross

“If you could choose to be any animal, which would you choose?”

This question assumes you have a choice.  Duh?  Man is the dream of the dolphin.  Humans are truly fascinating.  Yes, they have done horrendous things.  So has any animal only they don’t chronolize their faults.  But if the question read “what animal would you like to be based on the limited footage of film you viewed?”  I would choose an otter.  Not sure if a river otter or sea otter.  Need more film.

I share space with a dog that is part coyote. I found him in a rescue home.  Initially, he did not make eye contact with me.  He had many cuts, gashes and scars on his head and body.  We took to each other.  We became a pack of two.  Now he makes eye contact, does not take well to training, but is loyal to me.

There is something about him that other dogs sense.  They cross the street when they see him.  Big dogs even back down.  The few that thought this skinny light weight was a push over had to be rescued from certain death.  My coyote would maneuver on the larger dogs back, like a lion, and grab the neck with such ferocity.   He would look at me and with anthropomorphic understanding I understood his gesture to “join in.”  I carry a six foot pole and separate the dogs, saving the big one from a further blood bath.  The dog owner who laughed initially and refused my warning, now swore at me and my pack.

What amazes me is that my dog does not bark.  He looks at a barking dog through a fence with amazement.  He lets the dog snap at him and he doesn’t flinch like a fighter during the facedown. I feel the same way when I listen to people tell “how things work in their world.”

I am fascinated by how they squeamishly describe a fight.  They have never been in one but demand protection from such an event.  Ah but there is a catch.  You must not carry a weapon or hit the assailant too hard as to cause pain or bleeding.

I don’t roam the streets looking to fight others but I know first hand what that battle entails. History is filled with violence from man against man.

I prefer to fight  my battles with words.  Like my dog, I put my nose against the fence and think “these people have no clue,”  I found that telling another person that they misinterpreted the scriptures or the scriptures are conflicted is no different than telling a person their political choice is a liar and also conflicted. My input has no value.  People, all people, including me, think they are right.  Their candidate is better than another, their solution to the problem is the right one we only need to implement it, those fools in Congress, the ones they elected, would do better if the other party would only let them.

So, like my dog, I will put my nose to the fence, not barking, and look with absolute amazement at your rightness.















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