…the less we think. There are other ways to say this but I feel this statement captures the majority of them.
My mother used to say, “If we were all the same religion we’d fight amongst ourselves.” She also told me the way to catch a bird one only needed to “put salt on its tail.” Well while I was resting after chasing a bird and keeping the salt from spilling, it dawned on me what my mother meant,
My mother is long gone, I am retired, yet her words live on – at least in my blogs, if not my thoughts. She possessed common sense wisdom. She often wrestled with common sense and the “prevailing wisdom.” She saw this wisdom as a tool for people with money and power. She got that one dead on.
To exemplify my point, I took a look at FaceBook posts in my area. I live in a foreign country with a large diverse North American population. In some ways this population is a microcosm of the U.S. with small clusters of thought patterns that actually could be measured.
One FaceBook post spoke of how great it was to hear the voices of so many people and the added feel of connection to them. Another post expressed how stupid people mainly used FaceBook. Most of the people I know are not on FaceBook, but they have beliefs about issues discussed on FaceBook as well as why they are not on FaceBook.
My mother repeated “if you want to believe in anything you can. You don’t need proof. And if there is proof against your belief then just get enough people to agree with you and that is proof.” Little did I realize the wisdom of her words. “That’s how religion became a big business.”
Throughout the years, I watched my mom’s faith, in the existence of God, wane. I remember just she and I sitting on her back porch when she asked if I believed in God. I sat in silence as I realized my mother’s wisdom had come to a crossroad. I did weekly rounds at a children’s cancer unit. I turned to my mother and said, “If you work on a children’s cancer unit, you know there is no God.” She sat there looking straight ahead.
Back to FaceBook. The beauty of FaceBook appears in its uncanny ability to reveal the death of thought. (you might throw in morality as well) A New York newspaper had a front page about Bill Cosby the read He said, She said (50 times). He deserves that. But someone posted a Hillary Clinton lie sheet. The same she said and the repetition of the facts that countered her statements. You’d a thought someone shot the Pope. Local posts DEFENDED her. No reason, no counters except one that said “your candidate lies more.”
First there was no mention of another candidate. It appeared that the post suggested there is Hillary and ‘your’ candidate. A lie is a lie and it shouldn’t matter how many or who tells them. I hear things like, “gotta vote for someone” Or “they are all the same” or “the ballot box is rigged” or ” your vote doesn’t register.”
The Huffington Post ran a piece (I have to read it as my email is AOL and they bought HP) that they were, in fairness, taking Donald Trump off the entertainment page and putting him on the political page. They made it clear they would report his unworthiness. In the weeks that followed they printed things about Trump that met a new low in journalism. They used scare headlines that the article did not support. Their bias may have opened the eyes of many as to how things are reported.
I accept all opinions. I do not judge, at least openly. Internally I might say WTF? I head to the internet and look up the science, the religion, the politics. Then I contact a few people who I know can add to this information. Then I garner an opinion.
I do not share that opinion unless certain conditions exist. One, I trust you. Two, you have an open mind and are not looking to support an agenda. (I know a very well read and educated liberal thinker who I admire for his knowledge. I ask him for information and he gives me his readings. He calls me a righty. I go to my far right friend and ask the same question and get his opinion. He calls me a lefty). Three, my opinion will make a change. If I am just blowing smoke or if I have learned you will say, “But the Bible says….” or “everyone agrees” I will not offer my opinion because your opinion is the right one.

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