The art of the ‘soft complaint’

I like to read.  I like to understand the technique a writer uses.  What is the message behind the words.  On a blog site that, to me, is the reason for the read.

Oftentimes I can’t see the meta-message in one read.  The angry writer, the one with the ax to grind is easy to uncover.  Even a dainty glass makes a harsh sound when it meets the floor.

After a few reads I begin to see the pattern.  Good writing, nice pictures, open words cannot hide the soft complaint.  The soft complain takes a lot of words, always takes the side of the weak, the poor, the huddled masses.  On the surface it is beautiful.  Underneath bubbles a writer that can only use words to fight an unforeseen emotion that flows on the page.

The sad aspect of these writings comes from understanding the culture that promotes soft complaining.  The culture can then demonize any words they disagree with.  A brash speaker or writer is chastised because s/he does not fall into lock step.

There lies a Christian principle in this writing.  I wish I had paid more attention to the nuns but I was busy soft complaining.












































































































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