You remember when the kids were little and you couldn’t find them in the house?  All you had to do was get on the phone.  They came out of the woodwork with a marching band.

My mother once said, “you ever want to find out if someone is a liberal?  Just state a known fact.”

I did not understand, at that time, what she meant.  It was about that time she mentioned the pendulum swinging.

I was the baby boy with much older sisters.  My oldest sister asked my mother why she let me get away with things. My mother said something that didn’t make sense, but now it would be horrifying.  “Because he’s a white male.”

At dinner that night my sister asked my mother to explain.  (my mother truly possessed philosophical understanding) She pulled out a black and white photo with men whose names we know and whose son’s we also know.  “Look at this picture and tell me what you see,” she said.  We could only report a bunch of old men.

“Do you see any blacks?  Any women? Any Asians?”

Of course we did not.  My mother said, “Remember this photo.  They are all white men.  They will always be white men.”

My sisters considered themselves educated feminists and made fun of my mother’s comments.  My mother continued, “Man is a predictable animal.  The white male is the alpha male.”  My sisters cringed with anger.

Those white males will never give up control because they know the pendulum swings.  In order to keep power they must sacrifice the lesser white males.”

Everyone was confused.  “The male must be destroyed.  Take away their jobs, their guns, their soul.  Give these things to the women and control will swing back to the younger men in that picture.”

We all sat quiet.  She went on to explain how the black male became an easy target.  How turning the white women against the white men proved a little more difficult.  But in the end those few white men would remain in control.

Years later she referred to Hillary Clinton as the “plantation owner.”  She said Hillary controlled the blacks like the plantation owners used to.  “She got them to support their own destruction.  She controlled them.  When you do that you are a fascist.”

By this time my sisters and I  grown to defend political positions that I now know are wrong.  They seem correct but I think my mother was right.

We have been betrayed by or own beliefs.

















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