Fairness can be tough for many of us — especially me.  Of all the presidential candidates the one I want to be like is Ben Carson.  I wouldn’t have voted for him but I like him.  I watched several interviews with him where he was asked questions that had me screaming and pounding the table like I do when watching the WALKING DEAD.  Ben calmly replies to the question like he is telling a bed time story.

I admire that ability to not panic.

I have a way to go to reach Ben Carson skills.  I watched Whoopi Goldberg, while pounding the table, talk about political character.  She complained about Cruz and Trump arguing about sex scandals while important world matters took place.

My hands hurt from the table pounding and I calmly sat down and pretended to be Ben Carson.

“Whoopi, I understand your concern.  It can be frustrating the any candidate does not match up to one’s personal judgement.  But do not judge, lest you be judged.”

My inner city voice is screaming, “Listen bitch, who are you to judge?”  But I felt good in my new Ben Carson persona.  It offered a different type of power.  I will call it rationality.

My Ben continues, “Behavior and acceptance of behavior defines the character of the actor and the audience.  For example, to be accused of sexual misconduct, as in the case of Cruz, and to have engaged in sexual misconduct as in Clinton strike at the core of character.”

Whoopi fires back, “That was then, this is now, Ben.”

“Precisely,” I am beginning to like my Ben Carson technique, “the person credited with squashing the sex scandals was Hillary, the same person who demands a woman’s right to fight male oppression.  That person is now.”

A voice in Whoopi’s head says, “Stop digging!”  But the larger left side of the brain screams, “I am Whoopi Goldberg.  Besides the shovel is really big.

She digs, “But Hillary is talking important issues.”

Calmly my Ben voice emulates that slight rise in pitch to show alarm,  “You don’t see the trail of scandals that follow her?  The cover ups of sex scandals, the FBI held at bay over her email lies, the death of four brave men in Bemghazi, the number of deaths and suicides of people around the Clintons.  I think she talks about politics to avoid talking about the carnage in her past..”

Whoopi grabs the shovel yet again, “Hillary has always been for the African American.”

“Hillary is a plantation owner.  She, like the Democrat party, the party that fought 100 per cent against civil rights, has now figured out how to control the masses of African Americans and women voters.  This control of people is called fascism.”

Whoopi grabs a second shovel, “Those statements are so cruel and support the agenda on the right.”  the crowd of women agree with applause.

My cool Ben replies, “You’re right.”  The pause here opens the ears of the listeners.  “Fact, actual behavior and truth can be cruel.”

A silence looms over the audience, Whoopi turns white and I love Ben Carson.

















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