I lean to the right.  Let me get that out right away.  I have no intention to sway anybody’s vote.  First I think there exists enough hard evidence to suggest your vote might not count.

I look back at some bone head mistakes I have made.  I’m talking about things I am embarrassed to repeat.  I can only say now, “What was I thinking?”

I have a friend who voted for Barack Obama twice.  She begs forgiveness to anyone who will listen.  She goes into detail of his criminal ties, his side stepping the constitution,  the lack of transparency, the numerous broken promises.  You have to ask her to desist.  She is near tears in her search for redemption.

We watched a lefty progressive describe Trunp as a nean spirited, evil man.  He dropped the F bomb several times as he described how uncouth Trump was.

He demonstrated my dislike for the liberal agenda.  They DO what they claim as evil on the other side.  To prove his point he cited several Hollywood personalities.  That surely brought me closer to his side.

Here is my defining moment in life. I have looked back on some really dumb and stupid things that I had done.  I swore I would be more logical in the future.  I started by not expressing my opinion.  The surprise to me came as I could not figure out the logic of another.

Assuming your vote actually counted in the most corrupt oligarchy on earth, I decided to look at the candidates based on their history.  Their history included financial success, logic, business success, political background and how they performed in the past, who they affiliated with, who they took money from to name a few.

Many candidates made no coherent sense.  I found that if a candidate had an opinion that differed from the media’s position, that candidate was vilified.  Fighting with the media sells for all parties.

I thought back to stupid things I did, too good to be true schemes, can’t miss opportunities, marriage, and in each instance, in hindsight, the sign was not only there — it was flashing.

Hillary Clinton’s sign is no flashing.  The damn thing burned out.

Yet I know people, some very well educated people, who not only will vote for her but will defend that choice.  It reminds me of the Alcee Hastings case where he went to prison but still got elected.   Carl Hiaasen wrote a book about a Hialeah mayor that got reelected while in prison.

  The evidence against Hillary Clinton is not made up.  She has got such dirty hands I forgave my friend for voting for Obama.  Don’t look back on your logic system and say, “What the hell was I thinking?”

Oh yeah, my defining moment.  The ability to see the truth as it lay before me with the added benefit of knowing I can’t change stupid votes.









































































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