My friend holds many opinions I don’t agree with.  I don’t agree with her opinions because she shows no sense of fairness in her comparison.  How does a person not see this.

My friend brought up Ann Coulter in a topic of conversation.  She expressed her dislike for the controversial writer and political pundit. I simply asked, “What don’t you like about her?”  You’d have thought I spit on my friend.

Disclaimer note.  I watch all movies to the end, I read any book, I read opinions from liberal to conservative.  I tend to find value in all.  I like to look at the logic, the writing or acting skills, the manipulations used.

My friend seemed unnerved that I did nor dislike Ann Coulter as much as she did.  If I had said, “Oh, yeah, she  gets me angry,”  we could have moved on as friends who understand that we have a mutual dislike.  But no, I asked for examples.

“She is a racist and thinks she is so smart,” said my friend.

“Well she us smart.  What makes you think she is a racist?”

“Her argument with Al Sharpton.  The way she criticized him.”

“I saw that interview and thought she revealed Sharpton as a hypocrite.”

At this point my friend is having difficulty catching her breath and the spit that doesn’t come at me settles in the creases of her mouth. “How can you say that? she screamed.

“Ann Coulter is a book writer, seller and publicist.  She uses the same techniques that liberals use to keep their flock in a tight herd.  She hyperbolizes their illogical rants and has them use their words to reveal their real intentions.  She does this brilliantly.”

A puddle of saliva forms between us. “She is loud.  Her voice sounds like a witch and she is ugly.”

“So if Sharpton said things with her voice and with his rodent looiks it would be pkay?

“He speaks the truth.”

“So anybody that disagrees with you and does not meet your standards is a racist?”

She actually realized what she had said and her voice changed.  “I just don’t like her.”

I had the opportunity to make myself be right but thought being quiet would give my friend an opportunity to self reflect further.  We remain friends but don’t talk much anymore.
























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