You see an assassination and the investigation leads to a building where the investigators find a pile of cigarette butts.  First thing that comes to mind is how is it all assassins smoke? (there’s a message there)  and the second thing is, don’t the assassins watch any of the CSI programs?  First rule No Smoking while assassinating.

That’s when it struck me.  If the US government could so deftly topple world governments, hire the ex employees of corrupt banking firms, and run a criminal empire out of the DOJ in a transparent government, what makes you think your vote counts.

If the Republicans stole the Bush election in Florida with hanging chads, a mechanical process, then what about the same state years later that had 147% voter turn out in one county and 100% vote for Obama in another county, an electronic process.

How is it that  no media outcry held up that election?  How is it that the company that makes or sells the voting machines has ties to George Soros?  How is it that a news article revealed the votes cast from one computer to another had a time delay?  How is it that the South American hacker, who sits in prison, says he knows for certain the election is rigged.

I actually feel better knowing it is rigged than to think that so many people could vote for Hillary.  The real rigging is keeping her out of jail.  Those emails, besides showing her corruption, show bad judgment at the least.

So I came across the building where they store the voting machines in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Guess what I found.  You got it –cigarette butts.  Think your vote counts, do ya’.












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