I like the secondary message that is not present in the news.  The story behind the story. In fact, I am in awe of the social history that we miss, right now, because we are so caught up in the agenda of the biased media.

There are few, if any, objective observers who see what is taking place.  If they exist, they are forbidden to write about it in the media because it would do two things.  First, it would go against the prevailing narrative/agenda/ sales driven focus.  Secondly, it would expose a major flaw in our human perspective.

A disclaimer is necessary here.  I can write this because I have no desire to be right.  Nothing I know has value to this generation as the right/wrong, red/blue, liberal/conservative, rich/poor, fill in the blank/fill in the blank already are so firmly entrenched in a thought process that they can’t see what future historians will write about.

I only want to observe and report.  A blind person can see that the Hillary Clinton issue is the festering scab on a social change.  That a segment of the population (women) want a female in power, that they are willing to support and defend THAT woman as their choice becomes the social issue.

Second disclaimer.  I am wrestling between moral and just.  I stand in the middle of the political spectrum.  I lean to the right because the values, although currently pervaded, exist there.  The left has decided on a new set of values that they claim are more fair.

Since I can simply observe, and have developed a safety check to attempt neutrality, I have the unique opportunity to uncover how the individual thought processes of either side gets to that way of thinking.  This will not be pretty and will most likely offend both sides.

I must first interject the POWER consortium.  These are people and organizations that band together to express their rights and their opinions.  In any organization there exists a power.  In the US Congress there is a power on the right and a power on the left.  Both powers are wealthy, even those in heavy debt are wealthy.  I mention this to juxtapose the smaller, less wealthy organizations that have limited wealth and resources.  This could be a gay rights group, a feminist group, a church group.  Eventually someone will want to take power over this group.

The ideas, the thought process might take a stronger form.  If the organization has financial or political resources this power tends to funnel through a select few who tend to want the power they see in the few organizations such as Congress.  Make no mistake, Congress is controlled by money.  Who has that kind of money.  The organizations I speak of –NO.  They would like a piece of that pie but they don’t have what is necessary.

Social Change.  After this Clinton scandal, after all the black.white shootings, after the decline of the economy, after the food shortages, after the unread laws are enacted, what will be the social change?

Will a better government come about?

Will blacks see that the Democrat party keeps them slaves?

Will whites come to see that their anger has roots in the history they believe?

Will people see that a color or a sex does not necessarily rule better?

Will people come to see that untoward forces come with a smile and make promises?

Ahh!  But you say this has happened before.

That’s my point.  Don’t read about in future generations.  Write it, read it, NOW.































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