I know a group of people who know everything.  I will choose the top three to begin my point.

The first is my long time friend, Bill.  He was the most honest person I ever knew. He had a sense of wisdom about him.  The gray beard, the eyes that looked through you, the ability to be silent for long periods of uncomfortable time.

Bill had amassed much wealth by following a few basic principles.  Always buy with cash, only invest in closed end mutual funds that are on sale, follow the money makers (follow the president of a stock that switches to manage another stock).  Bill fought in WWII, Korea, Viet Nam.  He retired a Major, got a degree from the GI bill and only rolled over stocks.  He shared his wealth of ideas and his money to worthy causes.

I invested as he suggested and did well.  He put me onto a penny stock that went through the roof.  He liked President Clinton and NAFTA.  I said that I did not trust Clinton and anything he recommended had an evil end.  He laughed.  He also thought President Obama to be an upstanding guy.  It seems that wisdom does not recognize bad character.

My second friend of absolute knowledge is well educated and well read.  I must admit I admire those qualities because he can discuss a wide range of topics with facts to back up his statements.

In the time I’ve known him he has fallen prey to a con artist, backed a fraudulent medicare scam and believes that his vote in the US counts.  It seems that knowledge does not recognize bad character.

My third friend has never been wrong since he found Jesus.  It appears that the rest of mankind have all missed the only transport to heaven.  I often wonder if this vehicle has only one seat or if he has the pilot seat as well.  (I must add that of the 1500 religious denominations, the good fortune I had to find the only transport to the promised land. )

As an aside, I attend several different religious encounters during a two week period. No two agree on ANYTHING.  They don’t agree in their own denomination.  I wonder if there exists a penalty for misinterpreting the Bible and turning people away?

Back to my friend.  He gets all his information from the right religious sector, validates it with (I often agree) left wing smear material.  Funny, you don’t need to smear it, just the facts should work — but the facts don’t work when they come with judgment).  My friend believes in nearly every right winged conspiracy theory that exists.  What makes it unpalatable is he ties them together often using the Bible and when the facts don’t quite mesh he sounds like Dan Brown and brings in angels and demons. I have a friend on the left who disavows ALL conspiracy possibilities but comes from a non religious point of view.  It sounds just as ridiculous and gives science a bad name.

I don’t know about you, but my life can be summed up in a short sentence — “Well that didn’t go  as planned.”  I have a junk yard of bad plans, missed opportunities and it seems that I struggled to get anything right.

I used to ask my mother if you aren’t suppose to trust anyone how do you get things done.  She said “verify what they say AFTER you follow the money.”

So I used my mother’s strategy with Obama and Hillary and my question now becomes how can so many people be so wrong?  and defend it?



















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