I enjoy reading and watching the videos on the web.  The variety opens my thought process.  There was a time in the early 15 and 16 hundreds where a Spanish peasant might learn from a passerby that the war had just ended.  The war he did not know about.

Funny but with all the information available, I don’t know about the WAR.  I look at information on one topic in one locale.  No matter what I read the information appears inaccurate.

There are mass shootings around the world that I learn about months afterward (feel like that Spanish peasant).  There is direct testimony that I watch live on TV that makes me cringe, yet that information is dismissed.  I read that a Republican made a deal that suggests pay off and then that a Democrat congresswoman is looking at 300 years in prison for blatant fraud.  Again I say that BOTH sides are corrupt.  And anyone who defends them is a pinhead/sheeple/idiot/moron/ hack.

I no longer read far right or far left material.  The disparity alone can pull your head apart.  I no longer read the major news sources for accurate information.  I look for what they don’t cover.  I do not care what some actor or actress thinks, who they are voting for or their opinion on a particular political person.  Likewise I don’t care  what a pundit or political shill says, although I do pay attention because I guarantee they are priming the sheeple.  And voila the sheeple carry the message forth.

The area that gets me is the conspiracy people who believe that the event didn’t happen.  Getting an audience of people who don’t know the location, don’t read the paper from that area, don’t interview a wide range of people, yet believe a possible psychotic person telling a story, well that haunts me.  Not that there is a psychotic story teller but that he is making money sharing his delusion.

So while there exists this group of psychotic believers they overtly ignore the testimony and lies of their representatives.

Maybe that’s the point.
































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