Have you ever pondered that the Democrat party in the US to be the good ole boys?

Well have no doubt that after these hearings the top officials could not/would not answer simple questions about right and wrong, legal and illegal.  Come to think of it, that’s how they have addressed most questions.

The  Hillary defenders talked about gun control, race relations anything but what lay on the agenda.  I suspect those who still can’t admit the fix was in are saying things like “what about your side?  what about Bush?  What about Cheney and WMDs?

To me, the clincher in this deal centers around two events.  The first is the Clinton lie about the Lynch beat down.  I only wish to know how he threatened her.

The second events came with the unctuous endorsement by Barry.  “She (Hillary) is the best man or woman for the job.”  A blind person could see through that.

Some important issues remain but this turn of events (can you believe that telling the truth is a turn of events?) may change the voting landscape.  America will be voting for its moral soul.

No respectful Dem can defend the Clinton debacle.  The hacks are firmly entrenched and only a house cleaning will suffice.

Heading into the election all that needed to be done was fix the votes in the five swing states.  California and New York, stand like Sodom and Gomorrah, and the votes make the sanity in the other states a wash.

But now with people opting to vote for morality, fixing the ballots might extend past the five swing states.  Florida is a lock with the 147% turn out and the 100% in another county for Obama, nothing can change that fraud.

But now a few states might swing another way.  A way outside the corruption zone.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see the vote of the people?













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