During the Obama campaigns, I was fascinated by the media’s avoidance of Obama’s strong irrefutable ties to various subversive actors.  I believed that the media would rip his actions to shreds.  After all that is the function of the fourth estate.

When Obama started appointing these subversives, these individuals who attacked not only the principles of American morality but morality itself I did and said nothing.  I worked in a corrupt county of Florida that despised Republicans.  If they had learned I was a Catholic I would be doomed.  There are rules that one must follow.

Journalism took on a different tone.  The magazines and underground newspapers took sides.  The sides they took were special interests such as women’s rights, racial equality (they called it racial discrimination), abuse of power and the like.

Each of these interests proved important.  The problem came when someone ran for political office and differed from the media’s special interest agenda.  They either said or did something the media saw as opposed to what they (the media) wanted.  After all the media was creating a story to sell.

In time the special interest agenda’s converged into a single group – a group of angry people who wanted their special group to have more power than any other group.  As an example the vocal minority of LGBT that played on the backing of decent people who did not agree with them but chanted, “let everyone do as they please behind closed doors.”  This seemed like a moral statement.  They did not see the door opening into their schools, their movies and their morality.

A festering problem began, when agreeing with your fellow man’s illogic changed into, “anybody who disagrees with our united dream is evil.”  The only people that were allowed to escape this litmus test were those with power, The Clinton’s, Obama and the self appointed new moral conscience of the left.

But power takes on strange bedfellows.  Money and sex became the moral icon before which they stood (they did not even kneel).  Greed became a bedfellow and Wall Street and Big Business took part.  Foreign players with loads of oil cash voiced their moral opinion of Sharia law and they took a place at the table.  Globalists who profited and stood to profit more brought righteous hate hidden behind cash and influence to the political arena.  News magazines, TV pundits profited from the “train of immorality” that sped down the road of the new, illogical thinking of not only the American mind, but the global mind as well.

Like all things that crawl in the dark the key would be to keep away the light.  Get the press to go along.  Don’t let anyone see what is going on.

Easier said than done.  No, the ground work had been laid.  The schools had been infiltrated with academicians who didn’t need to drink the Kool Aid, they believed these lies already.  Dumb down the intelligence, make white and black disagree, make the police the enemy, make a belief in God a disgrace. In essence take away morality.  Let greed, sex and power be the new morality.

One more thing.  Make anyone who has facts be ridiculed, outcasts from world.  Make farmers look dumb, make opinions equal, if not superior, to facts.  So when someone says or writes something they can be discounted.  In fact, that became the mantra of the DNC.  “Your opinion is only as valuable as we allow it to be.”

This last statement is the litmus test.  To allow someone who does not believe in LGBT, or abortion or God or morality or police authority, a place at the table of free speech.

But the media.  They stand in the way.  Those great investigative journalists will shine the light.

But they didn’t.  They ACTIVELY supported the immorality, the lies and the corruption.  Those internet writers only had flashlights- but it worked.  The things that crawl in the dark don’t look so good in any light.

Why?  What forced these main stream writer’s, these media people to hide the facts, to ignore the truth, to mislead the public, to be part of the scandal – to be immoral?  Did someone threaten their families?  Did they have dirty pictures to ruin them? Did all the Clinton related deaths scare them? Or did they profit financially?

What will they write now?






























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