While working as a forensic neuropsychologist in a Democrat county stronghold, I had the occasion to develop many professional relationships.  One psychologist specialized in evaluating families.  Her end goal was to make a recommendation to the court on child placement.  This psychologist worked in a city that had a liberal cabal of power.

My first encounter with this psychologist came through a court referral.  The referring attorney said that the father in the family she evaluated had an evil personality.  Remember this was an attorney saying this.

I requested her test findings.  The next day I had two neat boxes with full test results of all family members.  The reports were organized and separated by person.  Honestly, I had never seen such a well organized presentation.

I read through the test results and through her report.  The test findings did not match her result page.  I checked all the names and honestly was confused.  She had performed every objective test plus a few projective tests.  She took copious notes and even wrote legibly.  All her addition proved correct.

I telephoned a colleague and explained my findings.  He simply said, “Follow the money and remember what city you are in.”  I thought that response cryptic.

I found her bill for her services to be exorbitant and paid for by the husband who was best friends with one of the inner circle of that liberal city.  I just connected the dots and it stood right before my eyes.  She had been bought.

I went to court and caught her unaware of my abilities.  The judge made a fair decision.  I knew next time they would find a more favorable judge.  Possibly one who had roots in that liberal city.

Long story short.  I went to court against her several times.  Always received beautifully written reports that did not match the well organized material.  I never approached her on this discrepancy between end results and test results because the answer would not be honest. But I did learn from those encounters.  I organized my materials, I wrote carefully, I offered contrary findings (something she did not) and I saw her as a professional making a lucrative living.

A technique she used was to take an indisputable fact and make it take precedence over any other facts.  These other contrary facts never surfaced in here reports.

This story leads me to The Young Turks.  TYT is a private online liberal news organization.  The main speaker on this internet program, Cenk Uygar, is a well spoken person.  One of his associates, a female speaker, Ana Kasparian, does not have the skill he has to modulate his voice to suggest he is not biased.  In fact, he frequently states that he is not biased but rather that he is explaining the irrefutable facts as they lay before you.  His cohort has vitriol in her tone that gives away her liberal hate for those that disagree or simply have a difference of opinion.

I like good writing and speakers who know how to use rhetoric to persuade an audience.  For example, I do not watch Rachel Maddow because she shrieks her message.  The same with Megan Kelly, she smirks her dislike.  Jim Carville and Alan Colmes give me pause.  Carville, I seldom agree with, but I like his approach.  Colmes I watch to remind myself how far the brain can rationalize before Alzheimer’s takes full control.  And Juan Williams can spin a yarn that would make Aristotle offer another philosophical form of illogic.

So I am watching a YouTube video of our young Turk, Cenk Uygar.  He reads an actual email from Wikileaks that unravels the Clinton scandal and plot.  He takes no quarter in his disclosure in this email.  He hits the nail on the head – the Clinton scandal, her greed, her selling out our secrets for cash, her overt lies.  I actually felt proud that this American could step back from his liberal position, tell the facts that matter and do it eloquently.

But Wait…..

He came back with a second video.  After he just unveiled the facts of corruption, the selling of secrets and more.  He then goes on to defend his vote for Hillary.


I got news for you.  I would put Jeffrey Weiner in the White House before Hillary.  The sad part is that most Dems would do the same because they are stuck on a single issue and do not understand that child predation trumps any single agenda.

I imagine that our Young Turk might be watching the other dots that are connecting to the candidate that he is voting for.  She was peddling American influence for cash.  She was selling America’s safety.  And this is backing right up to the White House.

And Judge Napolitano.  He said that he did not think the revelation of this information was appropriate this close to the election, citing the Hatch Law.  I understand your logic judge.  Why should the American people know that their entire government is rotten to the core before they vote in the last piece of destruction? (insert angry sarcasm here).

The Hatch Law came about in 1939 to address the Democrat smear that influenced that election.  It was revised by Democrats in 2012 to permit this diabolical plot to globalize.

For all those who voted for Obama and now for Hillary, shame and disgrace awaits all of us.  When this type of deceit and treachery becomes acceptable, when these kinds of lies are supported openly in the press, it is time to revolt.

I don’t know how this will end because we don’t know the outcome of the election.  We know that 17 states have Soros voting machines.  We saw that Florida had 147% voter turnout in one county for Obama and some counties with a 100% ballots cast for Obama.

I don’t think Hillary will go to jail.  If she doesn’t the Democrat party will have to change its name.  The players will remain with the new Progressive  moniker and the Republican party will clean up the mess by making a new mess with their own people.  Because this much money and power is like the ring in the JRR Tolkien trilogy the Lord of the Rings.

Mark my words, this government must reorganize and return to the spirit of the constitution.  That document did not foresee the press being bought, but they did warn of the government.   We only need to follow the constitution.  There is room in there for LGBT and the KKK.  There must be an accounting for the violations done by this administration and the one trying to further this miscarriage.

 This election, more than any other, is between overt corruption and rampant immorality against a guy who is gruff.  Don’t show the world that America can be bought and will accept political corruptness as a matter of course.  Vote as if your kids futures depend on it.




































































































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