I belong to several writing groups.  The writers all strive to be published.  They share short excerpts of their writings in these groups.  They hone their craft.  They all want to be acknowledged as writers.  They can’t understand why I don’t publish.

I have eight finished books on my shelf.  I wrote them for me.  I never had a desire to entertain or change one’s view.  I wanted to understand “me.”

The best way  to  find me is by writing.  I explore how others might think and feel.  I develop personalities that communicate.  I throw in things that upset the apple cart in the lives of my characters.

But in all these writings I seek to keep myself organized.  I want my thoughts to remain connected to each other.  My characters struggle with a dilemma and I struggle with them.  I learn about “me.”  I look at the problem from different viewpoints.  Somehow these different views cause me to look at each character with a history that led them to this place in time.  In my book.

Right now I am struggling with the insanity in American thinking.  I read almost all day.  I watch a variety of news programs.  I compare the news programs to each other.  I wonder why certain items are covered and others are not.  I wonder why the news is so slanted.

Let me give some examples.  Hillary Clinton is a liar.  Let me repeat Hillary Clinton is a liar.  There are a series of scandals that follow her.  If anyone of them is even partly true/factual she should be indicted on a criminal charge.

What I state above is factual.  Any charge against President elect Trump pales in comparison to Hillary’s crimes.  I hear all these accusations about how he hates this group, that group and he’s a misogynist to boot.

Trump has done more as President elect than Obama did as president.  Sad but true.  Michelle Obama said she no longer has hope.  Funny but for the first time in eight years I have hope.

The pace of the worldly events makes issues go by so fast.  I feel like we have just come out of the ‘dark ages’ compressed into the last eight years.

America now has a plan.  We have to address the problems that have been stacked against us.  But we have a plan.  We have jobs and companies staying and returning after the ‘dark age’ of political correctness.  We can speak without being labeled a racist, a misogynist, a homophobe.  The air is good to breathe.

To those living and rejoicing in the lies of the press, the delusional thought process of liberalism, please understand my confusion.  That bell that tolls in the college football game has rung.  It is over.  That you can’t see it IS the problem.

If you want to understand the problem you only need four dollars.  Go to WalMart and buy a mirror.  Then look into it and listen to the voices around you.  Not the ones in your head — around you.










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