I recently heard morning Joe ask “What have Democrats done to make blue states turn red?”  That is a paraphrase but the idea is accurate.


That you have to ask is part of the problem.  Forget listening to the other side.  Just listen to yourself.

A friend told me that unless you have ‘legitimate references’ he believes everything to be fake news.  So I gave him a legitimate reference but he scoffed at their ‘objectivity’.

Apparently ‘legitimate’ is a relative term.  But I understand that you cannot get unbiased news from major media outlets like CNN.  So I too am confused with where to turn for accurate information.

I am currently reading THE WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY by Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan.  A must read to understand the horror thrust upon us by Barack Obama.  Surprisingly I am just as distraught that the Republicans did not offer more resistance.  Possibly because they are all in the same party.

I hear friends tell me the wonders of our current president.  They cite his fight against the rich Republican bigots. (after Issa the next 7 millionaires are Democrats).  They show the stock market increases as proof and the increase of jobs.

Ashamedly, I can’t muster the strength to argue with them (there is no room to discuss with the uninformed)  My shame comes from the understanding that my facts have no place against their opinions.  Being right is a hollow victory.

What struck me in reading this book that I mentioned is how we Americans seem to have forgotten the litany of ills cast upon us.  The scandals, the lies, the cover ups, the lack of transparency seem to have been accepted.  (the recent presidential election suggests that someone was paying attention).

My point is each of these major transgressions is bad enough by itself but if you connect them you have something else taking place.  Something horrifying.

I shared with my learned friend that if Hillary is not stupid (debatable) then why didn’t she just admit to the Benghazi gaff and her followers would have forgiven her. Then I heard myself.  If all the embassies had left Libya, even the Red Cross and our embassy wasn’t even in Benghazi, why was Ambassador Stevens even there?

I then asked why did Hillary dig her heels in with the emails?  Why  was there evidence of a major email scrubs at that exact time period?

The conspiracy theorists (fake news) were saying that Hillary was arming ISIS. No one could prove that EXCEPT the boots on the ground that belonged to Ambassador Stevens.  The Clintons have a death trail that hovers over them like a black cloud.  Connecting the dots — this was an assassination.

So I reread the book aforementioned and applied the ‘connect the dots’ template and wow.  I suggest you read the book.  You might ask questions.
































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