I am apolitical.  I will not vote in the coming election.  I have no dog in the fight.  So I can give an objective opinion.  I am conservative but I do not support the Republican party.

In 1995 Ross Perot took enough votes away from Bob Dole to give the trailing candidate Bill Clinton the victory.  The same scenario is here today. Donald Trump will win as a Republican but the Republicans are faced with the ultimate dilemma.  Since I believe that both parties are the same (confederacy of psychopaths) they simply pretend to make speeches and do things that suggest they are representing you but once elected they are set for life.  To lose a recumbent race simply means they keep all their benefits (none of which they voted for you), they maintain a retirement package that they can retire comfortably but in the meantime they can make serious bucks as a lobbyist.  Ann Rynd hit it right on the head in ATLAS SHRUGGED.

As a registered Republican (in Florida you have to be of one of the two parties to vote in the primary) I am truly horrified at how people dislike me and others for being Republican.  They refuse a difference of opinion, go out of their way to shut your ideas out and hypocritically do what they claim their opposition party does.  In order to do this they must do two things–get the press to show only right wing fanatics to the exclusion of left wing fanatics and put things in legislative bills (because without a line item veto or similar process it is all or none)  so when the other side opposes they can claim you are a baby killers, pension cutter despicable cold hearted person.  If the bill for child care passes someone gets a bridge to nowhere in the process.

But no matter it remains a front to keep the battle of the people going.  While the Congress lives well the sheep actually bleat at each other, black v white, Republican v.Democrat, hetero v, homo etc.

You want to stop it.  Take away the lottery prize.  When the US set up Congress the idea was to serve and literally volunteer your service.  Take away the retirement, force the same benefits on them that you have, get rid of the need for lobbyists.

America believed in “hope and change” but got an exponential increase in what went before.  The lies increased, the benefits increased and people fought more dearly not because they felt they were right but because THEY WANTED THEIR BELIEF TO COME TRUE. To me the truly funny part is people clamoring around Hillary Clinton  saying the Republicans have no worthy candidate when their offering fills the definition of antisocial personality.

So if Hilary or a Republican choice wins, it is business as usual.  There are some good Republican candidates, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio are the least indoctrinated and most pure of the group but they will be crushed by the system.

The real power is at the state level and the appointed positions in the government.  I must restate this crucial truth  THE REAL POWER IS AT THE STATE AND LOCAL LEVEL AND THE APPOINTED POSITION IN THE GOVERNMENT (like the heads of FDA and FBI etc.)

But the one candidate who breaks all these rules is Trump.  He has no allegiance and would love to replace all the department heads with people who have a clue outside of an ideology.  But if the Republicans allow him to carry their flag he will also dismantle the gravy train tracks they play on.

Go Figure

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