I am researching several topics and need a break.  So I decided to see if the blogs might offer some respite.  In a word  NO.

You know that graphic on your computer that shows how much of the whole circle is being used by your program.  Usually I see a sliver, a line, barely determinable in my circle.

So I decided to look at new blogs, hoping to find something to take me away from my research demands.  Each of the blogs offers a sliver, a finely viewed piece of someone’s view of their life.  Sometimes the sliver is part of a slice of their outlook on life.

This sliver tells of a physical pain, this one tells of the woes of politics, this one tells about a cheating spouse, this one tells about two people kissing in the park from the view of their hotel window  (they don’t know it’s the cheating spouse).

My point is that the sliver you show is the screwdriver under the lid of your paint can.  From your one view comes many thoughts and feelings.  I left FaceBook because I could not take the insipid statements.  How much racial discomfort must you see, how many lies must you hear, how many unsupported reasons from people who are powerless to get off their couch must I see before I shut down.

To me a great blog is a great conversation.  I just don’t know anything about the writer except that sliver.  Possibly in that sliver is a great insight that we can share.  Need to repeat “that we can share.”

I am left with information that is never shared- just given.

I need to clarify.  I am currently researching how emotion is reflected in the brain through the electroencephalogram (eeg).  Even if the same part of the brain is involved  in all of us, it connects to paths that are not the same in everyone, which is good and proves us different.

If I feel happy when I see a dog recalling all the good dog experiences and you are horrified because of the scar you bear from a bad dog experience, we have two truths that do not match.  But they are truths and they do not address the facts known about dogs.  My research is aiming on how things that are alike seek each other.

We are attracted to things like ourselves.  Boy, does this open up a litany of questions and possibilities.

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