I played professional baseball.  I learned so much about life in baseball.  It is a game,, at least it was, until they started paying me then it became a job.  I might add a job you had to fight to keep.  For those who understand, I was there before Curt Flood.

Among the many things I learned from baseball, life is neither fair nor unfair – it just is.  It’s one of those baseball perceptions of life that gives both baseball and life a meaning.  A painting is just a canvas with paint until a brain interprets it.

As  a result of my world view, I stay away from people who interpret the world in categories.  Yes, I do spend much time alone.  Let me explain.

If you think something is right or wrong, I’ll listen.  If you are a jerk, I’ll still listen because being a jerk does not make wrong your telling me something that is right.  (I wrote that several times as it was difficult to explain)   Let me give some examples.

If Donald Trump says something and it sounds crude, I’ll still listen, but if Hillary Clinton says anything I can’t listen because she lies.  Bernie Sanders is a great guy.  He tells the truth about a problem and I listen but he doesn’t have a  real solution.  He seems to think he can solve problems by working within the system.  Marco Rubio likewise is a great guy but he also works in that system.

I live in a different country but the US directly influences the way of life this country strives for.  That says something about the value of being an American.  Please appreciate that.

What I like about baseball is that everybody is the same.  If you can perform you stay, if you can’t you go.  They don’t care your color, religion,(except if you won’t play on Sunday), background, education etc.  They will draw the line at certain antisocial proclivities such as domestic violence and sexual misconduct.  Even then your skills may give them the opportunity to bend the rules.

My point being the only right you have in baseball is to do your job.  Unlike Congress, you perform or you are removed.  That would be so cool in the world of politics.

When somebody repeatedly tells me that something is wrong and does not offer their failures as proof of understanding that change has to come from a different direction, in essence just saying something is wrong, then I avoid that person.  It’s like a pitcher saying that should have been called a strike.  Sorry we have to play on.  The umpire made a mistake.

The pitcher does not call out my race, religion or sexual preference to change the umpire’s mind.  He doesn’t throw a pitch at me.  He doesn’t burn down the stadium.  He doesn’t besmirch me for being me.  He plays on.  Afterwards we shake hands and laugh about it.

If the pitcher shows any sign of anger or weakness, I’ll comment to gain an advantage by using his thought process against himself.   Some catchers will make comments to the batter to distract or unfocus his attention.  Umpires will allow this up to a point.

Unlike hockey we don’t have a penalty box because we don’t fight (baseball scuffles are actually funny), We don’t have penalty flags because baseball players don’t cheat, even basketball has free throws because of infractions.

I’m not saying that thinking like a baseball player will make the world better but it is a real solution.

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